Gattopardo Italian Grill and Pizza Bar

Have been wanting to do this for the longest time! Hesitated because I hardly take photos nowadays and I already have a tumblr. But I have figured that some things just need a space solely dedicated to it. Here goes.

Shall start from Valentine’s Day, since I have no idea where to start!

So a few weeks back, the boyfriend sent me a Google invitation on where we’ll be heading to dinner. Which was a pretty cute thing to do 🙂 Headed to Gattopardo at Fort Canning, and it is one lovely place.

Got him these pretty fruit danishes from Bread Society and inserted my own decorations on top! Rather proud of how it turned out. I like their bread for all the quality ingredients they use, so I figured that these danishes should taste as good as they look.

Crackers! Like all crackers, they have a satisfying crunch but the powder on it was way too salty for my liking.

Arrotolata Pizza ($26)
Smoked Mozzarella, Suckling Pig, Porcini Mushrooms, Grape Sauce and Rucola Salad

We were pretty surprised that the pizza came this way – first time I’ve seen pizza rolled up in this form. It looked tiny but it did turn out to be filling and packed with fresh ingredients. It’s really a burst of flavors in your mouth – the sweet grape, the mozzarella slices, soft and slightly chewy cheese, fresh rucola etc.. thumbs up woohoo.
Spalla di Agnello, Rosmarino e Salsa di Carrubo ($32)
Slow Cooked Braised Lamb Shoulder with Rosemary Sweet Potatoes and Carob Sauce
Boys always love meaaaat so boyfriend chose this! Good choice. It’s been a while and I only had a tiny bite but I remember the lamb melting in my mouth mmm. And the potato was creamy with a consistent texture.
Rigatoni “Filotea” con Carciofi e Guanciale ($30)
Artisanal “Rigatoni” with Artichokes, Smoked Pork’s Jowl and Egg Yolk
This place uses fresh pasta and there definitely is a difference when they do so! As with cream dishes, it can get a little heavy after a while but every bite is packed with fresh goodness as well. The pork cheek was really salty though, but I loved how thinly shaved it was. Will choose this over a normal carbonara any time!
Il Biancomangiare ($14)
Toasted Almond Pannacotta with Bitter Chocolate Mousse and Pear Tart
We took a long time deciding on dessert – the standard tiramisu? Or their cassata (ricotta cheese cake with candied fruits)? Or a cheese platter (I love cheese omg)? I like the dessert menu actually! Has more variety than the standard tiramisu you always see in Italian restaurants. Pannacotta wasn’t as creamy or rich in taste as I’d like it to be. Mousse was good and not excessively sweet. Pear tart a bit dry but the toasted almonds were a nice touch.
I like to think of these as vday chocolates 😀 And yay my pretty pretty bouquet in the background (:
Service was quite professional. And I appreciate them not insisting on us taking the Vday set menu since it was a mistake on their part (boyfriend emailed them about Vday menu and they replied saying they had a la carte/ Vday set, but we were told there was only a Vday set when we were seated). I do think these people look down on us when we go eat at these restaurants though lol maybe we still look like kids/ we don’t spend enough, but truly great restaurants wouldn’t do that tsk!
So yay, one of the nicest meals this year, coupled with good company and a long chill session of catching up. Happy Valentine’s Day!
11 Canning Walk
Hotel Fort Canning
Singapore 178881
6338 5498

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