PS. Cafe, Palais Renaissance

Rustic Beef Cheek Stew ($38)

Soft and tender beef pieces, but not to the point that they melt in your mouth. Some peppers, carrots and cucumbers to go along and break the monotony of pieces of beef after beef. Bread was hard and dry. Nothing much to rave about at PS Cafe, I feel.

Friends had Steak Frittes (which was not only expensive but poorly done), Miso Cod Fish (this is worth eating), Ribs (head to Tony Roma’s instead) and other things that I cannot remember.

Highlight was desserrrrrt!

The outlet at Palais Renaissance does not have Sticky Date Pudding. Waitress said that they have different specialities at each outlet to encourage people to visit all their outlets. So we ordered the Banana Butter Scotch Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream (around $14). This was goooooood. Wasn’t too sweet or cloying. Warm, dense banana cake drizzled with thick butterscotch and accompanied by good vanilla ice-cream, what can go wrong? Back to PS Cafe for more desserts.


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