Cafe-hopping: Flor, Grin Affair, Kilo

My foodie friends and I were extremely hungry and distracted during lecture, exhausted after finishing our assignments and shocked that we hadn’t gone out together in so long, so we decided on a cafe-hopping plan to make up for all the could-have-been outings.

3 stops – Flor Patisserie, Grin Affair and Kilo. I forgot to bring my camera that day though so iPhone photos will have to do. I really love my iPhone camera apps! They are great company during long bus/ train rides.

FLOR (2 Duxton Hill, 6223 8628, 11am – 6pm (Mondays to Saturdays), 11am – 5pm (Sundays & Public Holidays))

We ordered 3 cakes and 1 cheese tart for sharing!

Strawberry Napoleon ($6.50)

A napoleon is essentially a mille-feuille pastry, which is a dessert made up of alternating layers of puff pastry and pastry cream. Flor’s take on it consists of puff pastry, light sponge, cream with fresh strawberries, a strawberry glaze and topped with fresh strawberries. I love the puff pastry here! It’s so crisp and flaky. And it tastes as if it was just assembled. This is my favourite out of the lot – think that all the layers are in the right proportions and all the flavors balance so well. I repeat, the puff pastry is amazing.

The Vert ($6.50)

Next up is the Vert! Which is chock full of green tea goodness. My favourite part of it is the green tea sponge. Their sponge is nearly as amazing as it’s puff pastry because it’s so light, yet bursting with that familiar good green tea flavour. Layers include green tea mousse, vanilla cream and topped with green tea jelly!

Mont Blanc ($6.80)

Chestnut cream sitting atop a Swiss roll slice. I can’t really remember much about this so I guess it didn’t leave as good an impression as the rest. I do remember that the cream tasted more so of chestnuts than cream, which is always a good thing.

Pardon this horrible picture hahaha. It’s a Green Tea and Yuzu Rin Rin Cheese Tart! ($3.20)

Glace Patisserie sells these tarts too, just a stone throw’s away from Duxton, at Icon Village @ Gopeng Street. Boyfriend discovered them when we studied at Toms Coffee and I used to reward myself with a tart (or two) if my day was productive. Time to return again some day.

Anyway, the Flor version is slightly smaller and different from the Glace ones. It’s a creamy cheese filling on top, flavoured (and colored) with green tea, and sitting on a crumbly cookie base. I couldn’t taste the yuzu in this. We ate this frozen and didn’t let it thaw, which made it a frozen cheesecake. I normally let it thaw for a bit so I can let the cheesiness come through. I love cheese! And I also prefer the Glace version, I feel that their flavors really pop out.

I’ll be back, Flor. Your puff pastry and light sponge leaves me longing for moreeeee!

Next up, GRIN AFFAIR (3 Everton Park, #01-77A, Mon – Sat, 12pm-8pm)

This is a teeny weeny new cafe nestled in one of the old HDB estates along Everton Road. Parking there is.. non-existent there are no lots for people with no season parking! But we discovered a carpark outside that cluster as we were leaving.. so take a walk from Flor/ take a bus/ take risks with the car. It was really cute and inconspicuous! Chatted with the owner and found out that she chose to set up here cos her grandma lives around there. Which is such a sweet reason.

Love how the place is decked out in earthy ones and lots of natural handmade ornaments. She sells little notebooks, wrapping paper and things like that as well. Didn’t get photos cos I didn’t bring my cam oops.

Look at how she packages her cakes! I like the take-home jar concept quite a bit. Makes for a good gift/ convenient dessert option. And she also encourages recycling, so if you collect 20 of those tabs and return your jars, you get a free jar of dried fruit!

We got 2 to share – the Honey Lavender with Blueberries ($4.80) and the Hazelnut ($5.50). The former was really light and if you wolf it down really quickly, it’s gonna be a huge waste. You need to let the flavors linger on your tongue and soak in the natural sweetness of honey and the scent of lavender. Bottom layer was sponge and the top was light cream with plump little blueberries.

Hazelnut was full of ground hazelnut bits and I love the play on textures in this one little jar. Also consisted on sponge at the bottom and hazelnut mousse in the middle! Really liked the hazelnut crunch on top, mmm.

Will be back to try out the other flavors!

Last stop for the day, KILO (66 Kampong Bugis, Level 2, 6467 3987, 6pm – 12am (Tuesday to Saturday), 11am – 3pm (Sunday))

Kilo is actually in the same building as Loysel’s Toys! Which is nestled in this offbeat area best accessed with the car. It’s quite easy to miss! Would have loved to pop by Loysel’s but they were closing as we arrived. We were still early for our reservation, so we wandered around the area. We spotted MBS and the Flyer (actually they’re super obvious from lots of places so nothing much to exclaim about). It was around 5.30pm and sunlight was just flooding the whole place with a warm yellow tinge. It’s the kind of setting that makes for a good romantic evening walk/ makes you sigh and really relax.

The building that consists of Loysels, Kilo and some other music stores above looks out of place amidst this quiet area. But I like it this way. QUAINT.

We ordered quite a few things to share and I’m so upset I don’t have photos 😦 Scallops were plump, sweet and juicy, LOVE IT. Was accompanied by this sweet sauce, which I kind fancy. Though I think it’s a bit pricey. Had lamb also although I don’t fancy lamb. Meat was pretty tender. Had salmon with wasabi mash also, which was so-so for me. The best part about Kilo is THIS…..

Squid Ink Rice with Prawns, Squid and Egg Yolk ($19)

!!! Every grain of squid ink rice was bursting with that very unique squid ink taste. Almost like the rice was grown in squid ink. Seafood was once again, very fresh and juicy (maybe they fish it from the river next to it k I kid) and tastttyyyy. They like cooking their stuff in sweet sauces, so it’s something to take note of. Break the egg yolk over the rice and it adds an extra glaze over everything. MM i’m really bad at this description thing but I LOVE IT.

Will be back to eat this baby all by myself and to try the tuna tartare too! This place is open-air but it’s pretty breezy with the fans. And you get to look out into the calm Kallang River. It’s almost like you’re eating in someone’s second-floor home.

So that ends the exciting cafe-hopping day. And I am hungry. I want to eat at all these places again!!!


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