Swee Choon Dim Sum

Swee Choon
187 Jalan Besar
+65 6294 5292
Mon–Sat: 6pm – 10am
Sun & PH: 6pm – 12pm
(Closed on Tue)

These really are details that you need to know. Swee Choon is a lifesaver when you’re craving for dim sum at night. It’s affordable, it comes in all types of portions (couples can order 2 har kaos instead of 4 to save space for other things) and they do decent renditions of the traditional dim sum. Plus point: being there makes you feel less guilty about your unhealthy eating habits cos there are tons of people there with you, and they often order lots more than what you have on your table.

Visited Swee Choon on the night before my assignment was due. It was recess week but I spent my whole week slogging it out and by Sunday night I decided enough is enough. Needed to treat myself to good food. These 2 things are my favorite things on the menu – Sichuan Dumplings and Custard Egg Yolk Buns!!!!!! The first time I went, the custard buns weren’t that good, the custard didn’t flow and it was way too coarse. But this time. Different story. Comparable to Taste Paradise, better than Victor’s! THUMBS UP.


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