Food For Thought @ Botanic Gardens

So we discovered Food For Thought a long long time ago, while it was still nestled in a little corner of North Bridge Road. That place was tiny to the point that you cringe when someone walks by your table cos they are in high danger of toppling your tomato soup. But gone are those days as they have expanded every since. Now they have 2 outlets – one at 8 Queen Street (Singapore Art Museum) and another one at Botanic Gardens. Yay to BG, because it’s so near school.

If you don’t know anything about FFT, they are serving up good food for a good cause. Their missions include making poverty history, giving clean water, educating children. Their outlets have displays about these issues, there are jars to encourage donations for clean water, and if I’m not wrong, tips go to supporting children on World Vision plans. Plus their food is value for money, so head down now!!

Both outlets have different concepts – BG is a casual, canteen-style place where you place your orders at a counter and you sit at long school canteen-ish tables. 8Q is a glasshouse, so it’s a nice, semi-posh place to catch up with a girlfriend over a hearty brunch. Food wise, BG serves grilled burgers which we were all eager to try, while 8Q serves up fancier items like salmon/ pork ribs.

This is the set where you get to select 3 items from a range of Brunch foods for $8! This is scrambled eggs, garlic mushrooms (!!) and the chunky sausages. The mushrooms are a MUST.EAT. They use really juicy, succulent mushrooms and it’s fried in garlic and other herbs. Amazingly tasty! Scrambled eggs are very milky and creamy too.
The second time I came here, I ordered a DOUBLE portion of garlic mushrooms with scrambled eggs. I could eat this all week long. It consists of some of my favorite things, namely garlic, mushrooms, eggs. Maybe we should try a triple portion of mushrooms the next time round hehehehe.
We got the Juicy Portobello Burger ($10), that comes with tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions and pineapple sage vinaigrette. The portobello was a chunky portion, onions were nicely browned, and the vinaigrette added an extra twang to the whole burger. Yummyz. It’s pretty hard to go wrong with mushrooms imo!! Oh and they use potato buns which I adore. They are moist and slightly sweet, if I remember correctly.
OMG THESE PANCAKES! Dark Chocolate & Raspberries Pancakes ($12) were soooo good. Gula melaka syrup drizzled all over it (bottom pancake was swimming in it), tart raspberries and quality dark chocolate buttons make for a fantastic pancake combination. And no, the white stuff isn’t ice-cream it’s whipped cream which is highly unhealthy. Could do away with that. But IT’S SO GOOD! Their pancakes are rather light too. Get this pancake!!! It isn’t cloyingly sweet as well cos raspberries are sour & dark chocolate is less sweet. I love itttt.
Banana and Walnuts Pancakes ($10). Personal preference here, I like my pancakes wet and not too sweet. So I dig the chocolate & raspberry one. This one is rather dry so I don’t fancy it as much. But they definitely don’t stinge on ingredients so you still get quality in this duo anyway.

1 Cluny Road, Singapore Botanic Gardens
#B1-00, S259569
T: +65 6338 4848
Opening Hours: Sun – Thurs 8am to 9pm (Last orders from kitchen 8.30pm)
Fri – Sat 8am to 10pm (Last orders from kitchen 9.30pm)

(It’s near the Gleneagles Hospital, and not on the Botanic Gardens MRT side! Be careful and don’t get lost!!)


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