Daddy the Chef

1. My dad is an incredibly awesome cook.
2. This is food that I grew up on. I remember the days when I’d try to help dad out in the kitchen while he rolled sushi for us.
3. During recess week, after endless bugging by mum and me, dad finally agreed to cook up a Japanese feast! THROWS CONFETTI
4. And in his excitement, he bought too much stuff, so we had day 2 and day 3 of japanese feasts. Triple happiness.
5. I’ve been promoted in the kitchen to Assistant Chef. Baby is the little helper 🙂 I love my family.
6. Enjoy!!!

(And once my dad gets started, he can’t stop. On the 4th day, we had fresh pasta!!! with brown button mushrooms and prawns in his special homemade sauce)

Home-cooked food is best ❤


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