Da Paolo Gastronomia, Cluny Court

Met up with some of my girls because we haven’t done so in a while! Walked around Cluny Court/ Serene Centre wondering what to eat (Island Creamery for lunch? Or uhhh Macs?) and finally decided on Da Paolo.

Da Paolo Gastronomia is basically a deli-styled place under the Da Paolo Group. There are seats for about 6 indoors, next to the escalator with no view, as well as seats outside, overlooking the very busy Bukit Timah Road. If these options aren’t for you, you can just grab one of the many boxes of food on display and eat it while waiting for your bus. Alternatively, you could grab some fresh ingredients (lots of fresh pasta/ antipasti/ sauces) to whip up a feast at home.

Clockwise from top: Cottage Pie ($7), Passionfruit Hazelnut Sponge Cake ($7), Beef Lasagne ($9)

3 of us shared these 3 things and because we all ate prior to our meet up, we were pretty full at the end of it. Not a great fan of the cake, but thumbs up to the Cottage Pie and Lasagne! Decent renditions of some classics.

Cottage Pies generally contain minced beef and chunks of vegetables in tomato sauce, topped with mashed potatoes and mozzarella cheese. Yum. This came with a generous helping of minced beef and fresh chunks of carrots. Tomato sauce was slightly tangy, which I always appreciate (freshly pureed). Mashed potatoes were a little coarse for my liking, but I appreciate the crusty mozzarella cheese melted over it. Eat it vertically! Get all the ingredients you can in one bite!

Lasagne is good too. Might seem a little expensive for take-out, but think about the price you pay at Italian restaurants and appreciate the portion you’re getting here! Standard components – pasta sheets (these are fresh and eggy, added bonus!), minced beef cooked in tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, heaps of cheese. I love how generous they are with the cheese and the sauces. Would pick this over the cottage pie! Some people find this too heavy though, so you could consider sharing.

Tried the passionfruit cake previously and I quite liked it. Passionfruit wasn’t too sweet and it was a nice contrast to the sweet hazelnut crunch layers. But it was soooo sour and tart this time! My lips kept puckering when I tasted it. Thankfully there are those hazelnut crunch layers and thin layers of sponge. You can taste the ground hazelnuts in it and I love nuts, so not complaining. Stick with the tiramisu ($7 for a cup) if you want a safe option!

501 Bukit Timah Road #01-05 Cluny Court
6468 7010
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm daily

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