Everything with Fries @ Holland Vilage

Everyone needs a burger and fries once in a while. Yes okay, school does teach me to qualify all my statements but I’m pretty sure everyone enjoys fries occasionally, even though we know it’s laden with oil!

Garlic and Herb Fries ($3.90)

At EWF, when you order your fries, you get to choose between shoestring or chunky (I personally enjoy shoestring more!) and you get to choose different toppings on it. There’s curry powder, garlic and herb, original and sour cream and onion. I like curry the best – slightly spicy and tasty enough. Sour cream and onion is a bit strange, I think it goes better with potato chips. Garlic and herbs used to be better – they’d serve it with little cloves of roasted garlic which I really enjoy! Not anymore 😦

Cheese Burger ($9.90)

Men always love their beef (generalizations again). Didn’t try it, but my friend wolved it down. Possible conclusions: he was really hungry, burger fit nicely into his mouth, burger was good. Their patties are quite tiny but they are rather tasty, so.. try it for yourself. But I’d advise you to get a more exciting option! They have stuff like Salmon on the menu, which is really huge for the price you’re paying. Saw someone eating it but didn’t have it myself.. next time!

Tandoori Chicken Sandwich ($11.90)

A lot of girls were eating this! Probably cos it comes in four neat packages instead of one big chunk. Makes it easier for sharing/ makes you feel like you’re not eating too much. But chicken was well-marinated, and you get a whiff of the delightful tandoori spices when you pick it up. Bread is just normal white bread, lightly toasted and lightly buttered – so it’s crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. More feel-good food.

Nutella Tart ($4.90)

This thing is great for sharing because it leaves you wanting more. Might just collapse from the chocolate overdose if you are too greedy and eat it alone. Chocolate desserts are mostly feel-good foods – nothing exceptional, but they can’t really go wrong to. I like how their tart has a chocolate cookie base which isn’t too sweet/ too buttery. It provides a nice contrast to the thick ganache in the middle. Remember to share it!

Apple Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream ($8.90)

The apple slices in this are really thin, and overall I felt like I didn’t really taste much apple in it. Cake bits were also too sweet for me and the crumble was soggy. Probably a matter of preference though, my eating buddies didn’t complain much!

Overall, EWF is really a place for feel-good food! Their prices have been steadily increasing tsk tsk, and I don’t think their desserts are anything to shout about, but they serve decent portions for the price you pay. Plus points: servers wear baby pink t-shirts (such a joy to look at), you get lots of choices with your fries and there’s a little serving of salad as a (weak) attempt to balance out the intake of oil.

40 Lorong Mambong
6463 3741
Sun – Thurs: 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sat, Eve of PH: 12pm-1am

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