Holland Village: Island Creamery, Provence, Wendy’s

So it was my friend’s birthday and he had a little time between work and his family dinner. What’s the best thing to do on your birthday? Have good food, lots of it!

First stop: Free scoop of ice-cream on your birthday at Island Creamery!

3 Lorong Liput #01-02 Holland Village Shopping Mall
Sunday to Thursday: 11am to 10pm
Fri, Sat, Eve and Public holiday: 11am to 11pm

What you see on our plate: Apple pie + Nutella ice cream ($4.80 for the pie and any flavor of ice cream), Fresh Banana ice cream ($2.50 for a single scoop)

Best thing about Island Creamery is that they offer a whole range of exciting flavours, local flavours included. Nutella is a vanilla base with generous bits of nutella shavings distributed throughout – and how can one go wrong with Nutella?? Fresh banana isn’t so tasty IMO, and it leaves a strange aftertaste on your tongue after. Thing about Island Creamery is that there’s an artificial aftertaste, which hints of not-as-fabulous quality ingredients, but the ice-cream is one of the most affordable and the flavours are pretty well executed! Trade-offs I guess!!

Blackforest ice cream topped with Horlicks powder, Soursop pomegranate sorbet (2 scoops for $4.50)

Blackforest is one of my favorites – darrrrrrk chocolate ice-cream with liquour-soaked cherries. Not too sweet and alcohol taste isn’t too overwhelming. The sorbet is pretty new I think! And it’s very light, as all sorbets are. Best thing about it are the little pomegranate bits in it! You sort of jump in your seat every time you crunch your way through those seeds.

Second stop: Provence

17A Lorong Liput Holland Village
6467 6966
Mon–Fri: 9.30am – 8.30pm
Sat–Sun: 8.30am – 8.30pm

My friend had a Croissant and a Brazilian Soy Cheese Bun. Unfortunately I didn’t catch photos of those! I had a tiny Sesame Cheese Bun ($1.20), which is a great and affordable bun if you love cheese. The dough is speckled with black sesame seeds, it’s a little chewy and it’s stuffed with solid chunks of cheese. Try the Cream Cheese Sesame ($0.80) if you have to – it’s a gorgeous flaky pastry filled with smooth cream cheese, mmmm. Will get more photos up!!

Third Stop: Wendy’s

Okay okay I know it’s fast food and it’s not cool for it to feature here LOL but it’s a snack post, so this Beef Chili (Small, $2.40) deserves a spot here. It’s really not bad I must say!! Chock full of black beans, onions, celery, green peppers, tomatoes and minced beef. Topped with crouton bits. If it’s raining really heavily and you’re really hungry but you have no money, run into Wendy’s and grab this. Every time I have it it’s piping HOT.

Last stop was Everything with Fries but I shall save it for another day!


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