Keisuke Tonkotsu King

I MUST SAY I LOVE THIS RAMEN PLACE. Wins all other ramens I’ve tried so far, hands down. It’s authentic, it isn’t too salty, helpings are generous and prices are reasonable! It’s also very cosily positioned at the corner of Orchid Hotel, a 4 minutes walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT! Queues start forming as early as half an hour before the shop opens though, so be there early if you don’t want to stand outside and watch people slurp down their noodles. It’s also a place where you eat and run, not a place to chat because the hungry people outside will glare at you. BUT JUST GO AND TRY IT IT’S SUPER GOOD

Whole place has such a homely, hole-in-the-wall feel! I love it hahaha.

So they give you this little chit to tick what you want and you have to make DECISIONS. Light, normal or salty? Hard, normal or soft noodles? Blank fungus? Seaweed? Flavoured egg? ALL of it?

Basically their signature is the Black Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen ($14.80). Boyfriend ordered it and he doesn’t usually finish his ramen but he slurped up every single drop of it. And he keeps bugging me to go back because he loves it so much!! I didn’t even get to try much of it but from what I remember, it’s almost like a black pepper sauce! Sort of overwhelms the tasty pork broth which I enjoy, but it’s definitely a tasty addition to perk you up.

I got the Original Ramen – light, hard and with the flavored egg ($12.80). They gave me an additional piece of seaweed accidentally, but I don’t think the seaweed really enhances the ramen experience so you can go without it! The light tasted quite salty, but still considerably less salty than places like Ippudo, so thumbs up. Whole place smelled like the delish pork bone broth omg I’m so hungry thinking about it.

They’re really generous with their ingredients too – the chashu slices are huge!!! And they’re lean too so that’s a plus point. Fungus was.. black and crunchy haha. I like my noodles slightly hard, and they’re sooo fresh and springy. Some might find it too chewy though, so just stick with normal.

And see the egg basket, sesame seeds and bean sprouts in the background??? ALL FOR YOU TO EAT. While you wait for your ramen (which comes really fast anyway), you get to grind the sesame seeds to add extra fragrance and bite to your ramen. AND YOU CAN EAT ALL THE EGGS AND BEANSPROUTS YOU WANT! All hard-boiled, with the yolks not too dry, so peel them and dunk them in the mayonnaise provided. Somehow tastes damn good.

Boyfriend also LOADED the pickled bean sprouts into his bowl of ramen. More crunch and more veggies don’t hurt, and it gives you extra ingredients to slurp up your soup with. Seasoned pretty well too, but might be a tad salty if you eat too much!

Saving the best for the last… THE HANJUKU EGG. Freaking perfect!! Egg white was of the right texture and flavored with the typical sweet-salty stock. The yolk was perfectly runny and soft on the inside. My description does not do justice to it but I really loveddddd it

SO PLEASE COME HERE TO EAT RAMEN! The first time we went, it was quite quiet. Maybe because it was a Saturday and the usual office crowd was snoozing at home. But on weekdays be prepared to QUEUE.

Keisuke Tonkotsu King
Orchid Hotel, #01-19
1 Tras Link
6636 0855
Everyday: 11.30am–3pm, 6pm–10.30pm


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