Zsofi Tapas Bar

Checked these places out a while back so I didn’t take too many photos of everything… promise more photos next time!

Zsofi Tapas Bar is a Spanish tapas bar tucked inconspicuously amidst the rows of shophouses along Dunlop Street. It’s a short walk from Little India, so get your GPS ready! And it’s a really lively atmosphere on weekend night. There are many backpacker inns here and night time is when everyone’s back from exploring and just sitting on the patio mixing with other backpackers from across the world. Bars here are aplenty as well. Everyone’s laughing away as they toast each other over beers/ cocktails! Love it.

Anyway, tapas bars are good places for light snacks but the ones at Clarke Quay are pretty overpriced, imo. Gets too crowded and loud to have a good conversation as well, so we ventured out to Little India!

This is the indoors seating area and it’s rather cosy for huge groups I guess. But that night it was a little stuffy and everyone was seated outdoors instead.

It’s really breezy outdoors! And there’s soft Spanish music playing in the background, and a HUGE projector screen in the unit across, so you get to watch whatever’s playing. Wish I took photos to prove my point!

Zsofi offers one free tapas for every drink bought! My friends finished their tapas by the time I got there LOL and the rest of us were REALLY hungry and were all driving so we opted for some SOLID FOOD.

Paella Valecia: rice simmered in stock, topped with generous helpings of prawns, mussels and chorizo sausage ($35).

Paella’s a classic Spanish dish and guess how it started out? People used to be hungry working in the fields so they’d throw whatever they could find – be it snails or greens – into a pot and just stew it for lunch.

Zsofi’s rendition was pretty good! It’s a portion that’s good for sharing between 2 hungry people. Could taste and see the saffron threads, and the essence of the herbs and garlic really soaked through the rice grains, which weren’t too hard or too soggy. The prawns were juicy and fresh too! Paella kinda perks me up – the tomatoes and lemon zest make it rather refreshing.

Good food up close ^^

Zsofi’s Favourite pizza: Semi-dried tomatoes, chicken cubes, olives in a creamy cheese sauce ($28).

You hardly see people eating pizzas here – everyone’s probably here to chill out for drinks and tapas! This was pretty hearty though. Pizza on a thick base (not the Italian thin crust), generous smear of chunky tomato paste, mozzarella cheese which melted together very nicely with their thick cream sauce and topped with lots of chicken breast and sun-dried tomatoes! They really are quite liberal with their toppings.. which is great for big eaters. Share this though – doubt one person can stomach all the cream and cheese.

Another preachy piece of advice – gobble these things up really quickly. It gets cold fast and then everything becomes soggy and much less appetizing. Service here isn’t fabulous too, but its worth a shot! Pretty reasonable prices, good for sharing & chilling, and not too crowded.

Zsofi Tapas Bar
68 Dunlop Street
6297 5875
Mon – Thu: 5pm – 1am,
Fri – Sat: 5pm – 2am,
Sun: 5pm – 11pm

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