Maison Kayser

We were searching for a breakfast place, and Wild Honey hasn’t been getting good reviews lately, so we decided to check out Maison Kayser at the pretty new Scotts Square! There’s been a lot of hype about this place and it does have a really posh feel – glass front, high ceilings etc. Very chill too, definitely not as crowded as Ion/ 313 and the like!


Pistachio Eclair ($3.40) and Bread Basket ($6 if I remember correctly!).

6 slices of bread plus one refill. While the bread itself was soft and fluffy on the inside, the crust was hard and chewy because the bread was served cold. I rather have my bread warm, but thankfully the interesting flavours of the slices kinda made up for the cold bread. Sorry they’re half eaten but from what I remember (my this was super long ago), there was sun dried tomato (the little orange slice), walnut, white bread and some other things. Loved the cold unsalted butter and jam that they provided.

The green eclair doesn’t look very inviting but it actually tasted pretty good. The pistachio pastry cream had strong hints of ground pistachios and it didn’t taste too artificial. The chocolate glaze was decent as well. Like the fact that they’re generous with their cream, every mouthful has tons of cream. Then again, they better be generous for the prices they’re charging!


Ciabatta sandwich with bacon, wild rocket and dijon mustard ($8). My friends enjoyed this even though it was so simple! Maybe amidst all the complexity and nonsense these days we just need simple comfort food to start the day ^^ Thumbs up for good quality rocket and generous smatterings of mustard! Bacon just isn’t my thing though too much fat. Lucky the bread was toasted or it’d have been rock hard.

If you sit in, there’s service charge and gst! It feels like a food court because it’s separated from its neighbor by mere barricades. Also, they looked like they were under-staffed and we didn’t get any water refills. But we were feeling pretty laid-back that day so it wasn’t much of a bother.

Might pop by if I’m in the area, but won’t go back specially just to try out their food. Try their eclairs!

Maison Kayser
6 Scotts Road
Scotts Square
6636 3672
Daily: 8am – 8pm

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