Wimbly Lu Chocolates

One lazy Sunday afternoon, the boyfriend and I decided to give me a break from studying and venture out into a new cafe! Took the car to Wimbly Lu, which is rather near Lorong Chuan MRT but best accessed with a car. You can park in front of the shophouses but there’s limited parking, so venture to the private housing just behind. It’s a nice walk – the houses are packed together and each house has its own unique garden display.

Ordered two things to share:

Plain waffles with maple syrup and butter ($5.50). The best thing about this: the plate. I LOVE THE PASTEL BLUE, THE PINK ROSES AND THE PEACH RIM THAT GOES PERFECTLY WITH THE WAFFLES. Waffles are of the thin variety, very crisp on the outside and made of very light batter. Tasty, yes, but not entirely satisfying. And rather pricey!

Blackout cake ($6). This plate wasn’t as pretty. This is their signature cake! It’s a rich chocolate cake that’s a bit too dry for my liking. But I like how it’s so densely chocolate.

While the desserts aren’t too die for, I must say it is a quaint and really relaxing environment to spend your Sunday afternoon in. All the chairs are beautifully mismatched, sunlight streams in through the glass roof (for us it was raindrops beating down on the glass that day), and each section of the cafe has a different feel!

This is the back, complete with fake grass and furniture that belongs in a garden.

They sell chocolates and other desserts for takeaway too. There’s a little corner for kids, and the front portion of the cafe is much darker and cosier. I liked how there were 3 different ‘feels’ to the cafe!

Might be back if I’m in the area to try Fat Cat and Jules (Australian dining places next door), but won’t be back specifically!

Wimbly Lu Chocolates
15-2 Jalan Riang
6289 1489
Tue-Fri: 1pm – 10.30pm
Sat, Sun: 9am – 11pm

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