Restaurant Week 2012: Le St Julien

Friends and I initially wanted to go to Keystone for Restaurant Week, but they suddenly added a dining star and that really put us off! So we changed our booking last minute to one at St Julien. Pitttyyy, should have gone to Forlino instead that was the best 😦

But anyway, some hits and misses!

Onion Bread. SO SO FRAGRANT. The moment you break the bread, the fragrance of onions fills the place. And when you pair it with the cold, hard butter, this is some of the best bread you find.

This was the best course of our meal. It’s a slow cooked egg (waitress said it was cooked at 66 degrees celsius) with foie gras emulsion, truffle oil and mushrooms. Nothing too special about the mushrooms and blue pea, which had olive oil and balsamic vinegar trickled over it.

STAR OF THE DAY. Egg whites were extremely smooth and runny, egg yolk was of a perfect consistency. Truly slurp-worthy I really savored every bite of it. I’ve never had egg done this way – to the point that it is so creamy and tasty it doesn’t even taste like egg. Not to mention there’s truffle oil in it, which they were rather generous with. Can taste it in every bite. And the foie gras emulsion. Wow where do I start!! So good. Wished my main course was just a bowl of this. Really thick, once again not stinging on ingredients, and really bursting with truffle flavor. Winning combination when you dip the brioche into the egg. LOVE THIS.

Roasted Daurade Fish with “Arbois” Wine and Avruga Caviar Sauce. 10 points for presentation and 10 points for the fresh ingredients! Fish smelt a little too fishy, but I was probably being picky. Daurade is also known as dorade, porgy, sea bream or tai. Though the fish wasn’t fabulous, I must say the combination of ingredients is a rather interesting experience! Loved the salty caviar against the mild fish, the slightly sweet sauce against the tangy greens and the twang of fresh dill.

Parfait with Banana, Chocolates and Pralines. This just felt like 4 disjointed parts of a dessert that cannot really get along. Parfait was far from perfect and tasted too icy/ artificial. Points for the hazelnut sauce – perfectly nutty, thick and fragrant – could have a whole bowl of it. And biscotti was well done biscotti.

The restaurant which does not have much of a view – you get the view of the overhead bridge. Space is pretty small as well, which can feel claustrophobic/ cosy.

Wait staff are equally swift, patient and knowledgeable though, so kudos! Next Restaurant Week, I’m really going to go back to Forlino YUM. St Julien probably isn’t swell for sets, because I see people raving about mashed potatoes and other stuff that’s a la carte, but I just won’t pay such prices for my meals yet hehe

Le St Julien Restaurant
3 Fullerton Rd
Fullerton Waterboat House Souvenirs
Singapore 049215
6534 5947

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