Old School Delights

Decided I was tired of eating in town, so met my friends at Thomson instead. Thomsons transforming into a very lively stretch with lots of eateries and at least FIVE ice cream shops.

Old School Delights! A very cosy and retro kinda cafe. Love seeing how the cafes play up on their themes. Must say everything ties up rather well!

Simple layout of menu. Not many choices for mains, but that’s cos they pride themselves on doing each one well. The owner says they were inspired by the mee siam, give it a shot!

3 people and 4 mains. Does that make sense?

Chicken Macaroni soup in the foreground ($5.90). Simple home-cooked food. Macaroni with chicken shreds, carrot slices, quail eggs and a tasty soup.

Curry Chicken with rice ($8.90). The owner recommended Mee Siam and this, which says something about its popularity. The curry here is homemade by grinding spices, no curry powder in this. DEDICATION!

Homemade lime juice and lime barley! Light and refreshing. $3.50 each.

Mee Siam ($5.50). You can get these foods at hawker centers for lower prices, but you can be sure there are no preservatives in your food, which is surely a consoling thought! Gravy was sweet and thick. I personally like my Mee Siam a little sour and lighter, but this definitely is made with 100% heart!

Nasi Lemak ($6.90). Rice was flavored with a great helping of coconut milk. Didnt try the other parts though.



If there was one cake I would try it’ll be this. Chocolate layers sandwiched in between banana cake and smashed bananas!


Really home-y place to be, especially of you’re from the 1980s/1990s generation. We sat there and played Happy Family (the ancient card game) and it brings back fond memories of childhood 🙂

Old School Delights
215M Upper Thomson Road
S 574408
6458 4518
8117 9407
12 noon to 11pm
(Closed Mondays & Tuesdays)


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