Restaurant Week 2012: Basilico

Heard lots of people raving about Basilico, so we booked this with really high expectations! Honestly was rather let down by the selection. Also was really flustered trying to look after my little brother and another big fat boy hahaha, so I hardly took photos BOOHOO.

Basically this place works as a 3-course dinner. Antipasti and desserts are buffet-style, and you get to pick 1 main off their menu.

Antipasti selection was decent – about 6 types of cheese, 4 types of tomatoes, 4 types of ham, salads, breads etc. While the quality definitely is there, it’s not much of a variety if you ask me! Some really memorable things were the crunchy and fresh prawns in the seafood salad, parma ham with rock melon (it’s always freshly shaved), fattest juiciest asparagus I’ve ever tasted and some cheeses. There’s lot of truffle here too, so you’d be happy if you love truffle!

Our mains:

Their all time famous LAMB SHANK. I forgot the elaborate name for this oops. Huge pieces though and evenly cooked. Yums.

Interruption: Kid’s menu! Pepperoni pizzaaaaaa for $11. It’s HUGE. It’s super worth it if your kid eats a crazy lot of food. My brother was so happy when he saw this. They were really generous with the cheese and tomato paste. Hearty meal!

My VEAL CHOPS. All I remember is that there was a balsamic vinegar sauce. Really tender too! Ordered the wrong main though, was too unsettled once again to realize that they were deep fried (just like home-cooked food hahaha).

Baby’s chocolate cake with ice-cream (: He really was a happy boy!

On the other hand, we had pretty good desserts! Memorable stuff – pistachio panna cotta (sooooo thick and soooo full of pistachios), poached pears and various other sweet things. Oh well the menu always changes, so not knowing isn’t that bad either 😀 In for a surprise!

Conclusion from that day was that this place is fabulous for kids. Service was rather bad for me, somehow, like they really weren’t very friendly and they kept giving us strange looks. Which really ruined my experience.   Oh well!

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