Yoshimaru Ramen Bar @ Holland Village

Ramen is such a convenient meal. You order and it arrives at your table in under 5 minutes. You get a huge bowl of noodles and soup. There’s lot of goodies to discover in that huge bowl, ranging from cha-shu to seaweed to bean sprouts to black fungus etc etc. And then there’s the hanjuku egg, which if well-done, is mind-blowing.

The search for ramen that beats Tonkotsu King is still on.

Yoshimaru is a good alternative to Tonkotsu King, especially for days when venturing to Tg Pagar is really too tiring. After all, both are Hakata ramen! And did you know that Yoshimaru is part of the Jumbo Seafood group? I must say that their ramen is one of the better ones around. Service is also fast and prompt. Service staff are always on their feet and always refilling your cups. There are lots of promotions to watch out for as well!

Toasted Garlic Ramen ($13)
Topped with bean sprouts, flavorfully garlic sauce and a slightly spicy soup

Ramen served here is Hakata ramen. This style of ramen originated from… you guessed it, Hakata. It’s meant to have firm and thin noodles and a white, thick pork bone based broth. I think this is my favourite type of ramen.

I love garlic, so I will always stick with TOASTED GARLIC. Although they do give a bottle of fried garlic chips at the side, I STILL WANT MORE GARLIC. And this is the right choice if you love garlic cos the broth smells more strongly/ tastes more strongly of garlic.

Egg here is not too bad either, though not crazily memorable. Cha shu is of thick rectangular slices. Very fatty!

I am so sorry but I cannot remember what this was. All I remember is that it wasn’t as good as the traditional ramen/ garlic ramen, so stick with the safe bets unless you’re feeling adventurous!

31 Lorong Liput Holland Village Singapore 277742
6463 3132
Mon to Fri: 11am to 3pm, 6pm to 11pm
Sat, Sun and PH: 11am to 11pm


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