Thanying Restaurant @ Amara

This has been one of my family’s favourite Thai haunts since young. Prices here are on the high end, but it’s a great place to entertain customers/ have a posh Thai dinner. Lovely atmosphere, service and royal Thai food. They pride themselves on serving food only fit for the king and I think they pretty much live up to it. Be forewarned of the high prices!

Pomelo Salad ($18)

This is my mum’s favourite salad here. She likes this even better than the mango salads. Each bite is a whole myriad of flavours! One mouthful will get you some succulent prawns and chicken, juicy pomelo bits, all coated in a sweet sauce. And no, that’s not it. Taking another bite, you realize there’s chilli padi and tangy lime cutting through that sweetness. Not forgetting the crunch of peanuts.

Minced Chicken with Basil Leaves and Peppercorn ($17)

One of my favorites. Minced chicken that’s tossed up in fish sauce & soy sauce, slightly spicy and slightly peppery. And it arrives at your table smelling so strongly of basil mmmm.

Pineapple Rice ($14)

Thai food’s so amazing because they are able to balance and combine all sorts of flavours – sweet, salty, spicy – into one dish. And they each taste different. Pineapple rice has the sweetness from pineapples, has chunks of chicken and carrot in it, extra bite from cashew nuts and pork floss garnish. We always order this instead of plain rice!

Thai Green Curry ($18)

That night it tasted a little diluted, but generally this is one good curry. It’s usually thick and it’s really unique. The curry smells soooo good, it’s a gorgeous blend of various herbs, thickened with coconut. I love the egg plant and the Thai pea eggplant! You don’t find it anywhere else. When you bite into those peas, it sort of explodes in your mouth and.. it doesn’t taste like a normal sweet pea. You have to try it. Lots of chicken pieces and flavored with kaffir lime leaves. Fish crackers served alongside for dipping.

Pahd Thai ($18)

I think this dish needs no introduction! It’s a sweet and slightly spicy kway teow, more sweet than anything else. Another lovely rendition with tons of ingredients in it!

Deep-Fried Pomfret with Garlic ($35)

I like this even though it’s a normal pomfret. Somehow they manage to fry it such that the fish retains its moisture and succulence. It’s fried to a crisp golden brown and eating this along with the garlic bits and the sweet chilli sauce… just yum to the max.

Dessert Buffet table

And lastly, if you’re still hungry after the main courses, there’s always desert to look forward to! For $9 you get to sample all these different Thai kuehs, fruits and other cold desserts. That day they had their own version of ‘tau suan’, other days they have bubur cha cha as well.

(Sorry but I can’t remember the exact prices! I’m quite sure it’s around the prices as stated above though.)

I probably like this place so much because I’ve kinda grown up here, but it’s really a good place to treat someone to a nice Thai meal!

165 Tanjong Pagar Road
#02-00 Amara Singapore
6222 4688
Daily: 11.30am – 3pm, 6.30pm – 11pm


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