House of Robert Timms

Very short post today! Initially wanted to satisfy some pasta cravings at TCC because there’s a 1-for-1 deal there and I’ve been itching for some of that mentaiko pasta. But Robert Timms happened to be in a very strategic position and caught our eye while we were on the search for a TCC.

They’re having a GSS 1-for-1 main course/ pasta/ steak promotion until 22 July 2012. Catch it! And catch TCC’s one as well 🙂 I read the fine print though, the free item can’t be a steak. Just a heads up!

On to the food and the place. Robert Timms is a coffee cafe from Sydney! So people typically come here for all-day breakfast and COFFEEEEE. Was too full today so I’ll try coffees and other stuff another day.

What you see above:

Garlic Cilantro Prawn Spaghetti ($20.50)

Pretty much a prawn aglio olio! Nice and spicy, just the way we like our aglio olio done. Spaghetti wasn’t perfectly al dente, but the sauce saved it. Every strand of pasta was coated with the sauce, which wasn’t too oily or too overwhelming – pinch of herbs, lots of garlic (which I love) – so no complaints there. Rather generous with the prawns too, there were 7 fresh prawns!

Bacon and Mushroom Egg-drop Fettuccine ($18.80)

I have a weakness for anything with cream, cheese and mushrooms. Voila I knew I had to order this when I first saw the menu! It’s also one of the recommended ones. The portion’s a good size, in my opinion, I didn’t feel too sick to finish the second half of the creamy pasta. Not too cloyingly creamy (or maybe my threshold is just high), lotzzzz of mushrooms and crispy bacon bits, tossed up nicely with the fettuccine. Appreciate the parma ham and parmesan slices as garnish, adds a nice touch to it!

While we thought the pastas were quite well done, there’s nothing particularly spectacular/ to shout about! Nice ambience though. It’s a dimly-lit cafe with a low ceiling, mainly black with a few red highlights. Seats are plush and the place is cool, which makes it quite a nice place to chill and hang out with the friends! Not too noisy also.

321 Orchard Road #01-01/02
Orchard Shopping Centre

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