Menya Musashi @ Raffles City

Yet another famous ramen shop has reached Singapore’s shores! This place is famous for their tsukemen, which essentially means eating ramen SOBA-STYLE! You get to dip your ramen in the sauce, which is a really interesting concept. So of course the boyfriend and I had to try it out!

Oh, and big CARB eaters rejoice!! You get to order up to 5x the serving of ramen noodles here for the same price.

We got there early right after work ended, around 6.30pm, so there wasn’t much of a queue, to our relief. Although it’s an open kitchen so you get to watch the chefs at work while you’re queueing, which doesn’t make it as bad I guess?

You’re greeted by loud and enthusiastic Japanese shouts the moment you enter the place! Part of the whole samurai theme – check out the lanterns and the elaborate artwork on the bowl. All because of the famous samurai called MUSASHI! Thumbs up, this is a  rather cosy setting!

There’s a choice of white, orange and black broths.

White is the pork and chicken bone broth with bonito fish flakes, orange has spicy bean sauce, and black is flavoured with garlic and onion. Did someone say garlic? Boyfriend and I immediately set our sights on garlic!!

He got the ramen with KAKUNI, which is their famous PORK BELLY ($14.90). The ramen with cha shu costs $12.90. And it was quite worth it, the pork belly was soooo tasty and it kinda melted in my mouth. Great change from the lean and sometimes pretty boring chashu slices.

Egg wasn’t too good though, nearly a hard boiled egg. I liked the soup! A little bit smoky and a little bit woody. Subtle and not too strong. Also a good respite from my very salty tsukemen dip hahaha.

Since I love garlic just as much as the bf, I had to get the black broth for my tsukemen ($14.90). It’s quite cool how the dipping broth is different from the ramen soup! You would have thought they’d be the same. My dipping broth was a lottttt saltier than the soup, and honestly, I couldn’t taste much aside from the saltiness. Didn’t get as strong a taste of garlic/ onion as I was hoping for. Neither could I taste/ smell the fragrance of the pork bones. Maybe I’ll go back to try the white broth!

It’s impossible to ask me to slurp up the broth on its own, but it’s really fun pairing it with the noodles! Somehow the flavour comes through a little better, I tasted a bit more onions eating it this way. Your noodles also get soggy less quickly, which is great because soggy noodles at the bottom of the bowl are always a problem for me.

Noodles here are slightly chewier and thicker than Kyushu ramen, just so you know!

Overall a very interesting experience and I’ll be back to try the white ramen broth, tsukemen style!

Menya Musashi
252 North Bridge Road
Raffles City Shopping Centre
11.30 am – 10 pm daily

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