Tampopo @ Ngee Ann City/ Liang Court

Haven’t been here for a while because I’ve been rather busy running around and enjoying the holidays! Just a short post on Tampopo.

Tampopo has two branches, one at Liang Court and one at Ngee Ann City. I’ve visited both branches and I personally like Liang Court better. Why? Because it’s surrounded by tons of other Jap restaurants, and that kinda transports you over to Jaaaapan! Family has been here recently whenever we want to eat Jap because my little brother reaaaally fancies the Tonkatsu here.

I’ll recommend the Tonkatsu and the Ramen if you really have to eat here. One thing good about this ramen place is that it has both Hokkaido ramen and Kyushu ramen – more choices for a big group.

Hokkaido ramen has thin and springy noodles and comes in a thick broth. Kyushu ramen, on the other hand, has thick, chewy, curly noodles. It usually comes with a clear, seafood base. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Kyushu ramen. Love, love, LOVE the fragrance and intensity of the broth, and the incredibly smooth noodles. If we must really attempt to localise this, my friend once compared Hokkaido noodles to lor mee!

Tampopo Black Pig Shabu Ramen ($14.30)

They have different versions of the black pig ramen, such as the Deluxe one, which includes a Hanjuku egg and corn. Verdict on this? Seriously, I use Tonkotsu King as my benchmark. And nope, this does not beat it. Broth is a bit salty, but you can’t really detect the thick flavour that comes from the marrow/ fats brewing for tons of hours. The black pig is highly fatty as well, but it’s so thinly sliced, you can’t really taste it!

Mum got the normal Kyushu Ramen ($13.80). I actually thought this tasted better and richer compared to mine! Also the traditional toppings that I love in my ramen – cha siu, and hanjuku egg. The egg was well done though! Would recommend this, not worth sacrificing all these gorgeous toppings for some black pig!

See that’s my greedy little brother digging into his Tonkatsu set ($20.80). Tonkatsu alone (no rice, soup, pickles) costs $16.80. To me, tonkatsu is just fried chicken cutlet and I can’t differentiate between good or bad ones. Too much fat hidden under that crisp, crumbed skin for me!

Kid’s meal costs $8.80! See we actually ordered this for him and he said it was too small lolz growing boy!! Pretty good size for a kid though – half a cutlet, ebi fry, potato salad and a few rice balls. Comes with greens and a half-boiled egg too!

391 Orchard Road
B2-33 Takashimaya Shopping Centre
6235 2318


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Quick dinner fix with the family – I advise you to stick with the Tonkatsu, the ramens and maybe this set. But it’s not mindblowing or fabulous so don’t go with overly high expectations!

177 River Valley Road
#01-23/24 Liang Court
6338 3186
10.30am – 11.30pm daily

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