Mushroom Pot @ Orchard Point

My friend loves mushrooms so we decided to head for this simple Mushroom Pot high-tea buffet! It’s not fabulous or anything, but it really has quite a lot of mushroom dishes done rather well. And it’s rather quiet, so you have the whole place to yourself! Which is good, cos all attention is focused on you hahaha and the food comes pretty fast.

Check out the menu here! Personally don’t think the steamboat buffet is very worth it, plus this has most of their good dishes anyway!

Beancurd mushroom roll in the foreground, wild mushroom with thai spices in the background.

Black pepper sliced pork with C.V. mushrooms

Szechuan-style monkey head mushrooms – crowd favourite! Crunchy, tasty, drizzled with mayo, what’s not to like!

Spianch Egg Roll

Mushroom rolls (oh man we ordered too many rolls, I can’t exactly remember them all). Crispy beancurd roll in the background – a bit like foo pei quin dim sum!

Other stuff we had but I didn’t snap a photo of:

– E-fu noodles
– Wild mushroom fried rice
– Fried buns – mantou but they serve it with condensed milk! Never had such a combi before, but it’s addictive.
– Try out the other starters/ house specials as well! They’re pretty addictive.

Overall, I think it’s pretty decent for a high-tea a-la carte buffet. They don’t keep you waiting for your food (well we went on a weekday and it was really empty, not sure about the weekends!) and your food is served to you piping hot. After taxes, we paid about $16 a person, which is really quite a deal for noodles, ramen, rice and all sorts of dishes!

OG Orchard Point, Level 4
160 Orchard Road
6733 9910
Open daily from 11am – 10pm

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