Vintage Tea Party, House @ Dempsey

Welcome to the weekly Vintage Tea Party! Happening on Thursdays and Fridays, 3-5pm. Let’s check out the spread.

A whole luggage full of bread, cheese platter, various dips for your bread. Most of these dips can be found on the pizza actually.

Cakes section – pretty extensive! One really bad point about this tea party is that they take suppppper long to refill everything. The table is often empty and people just swarm towards the table when the server walks out, because everyone is so hungry. Tsk!

Pizzaaaas! I love the truffle mushroom one. Must get them when they’re fresh out, or it’ll be soggy.

They used to offer you one tea from the normal menu, which I enjoyed. I love selecting tea/ drinks from a huge menu. But they’ve since changed it to Ginger Tea and some other floral tea. Once again. These pots were left empty most of the time, and they are very vintage but horribly impractical. Dripped all over the place it left the set up so messy!

And the following are some slightly closer shots:

The set up is very pretty!! So many girls were busy snapping photos of the tables. But they really need to work on replenishing their food haha. The truffled mushroom is crazily popular, the bowl empties way too fast. Love it!!!! So tasty. The other bowl is beef bolognese.

These were rather forgettable!

They serve whole cakes as well. Snapped this at the start, but after I took my pizzas, this was gone and it never came back aha.

SOME OF THE STUFF I REALLY LIKED. Pumpkin Brownie – love the addition of pumpkin into desserts!! Pumpkin swirled with chocolate, over the dense and thick chocolate brownie – AWESOME COMBI. Grapefruit green tea tart is not bad as well – tart does have a strong matcha taste, but the custard can be a bit too sour. It’s not my favourite though, don’t be misled by the number of them on my plate. One was for the bf who did not eat it haha. The DARK CHOCOLATE TART, was soooooo yummy. Chocolate tarts generally succeed when great quality chocolate is used, and mixed with just the right amount of cream to give it the right consistency. Everything was so well-balanced – chocolate was strong, not too sweet, tart was crumbly and buttery.

Scones, a cake that I cannot remember the name of (quite forgettable) and the awesome pumpkin brownies.

Squid ink skinny pizza, truffle mushroom skinny pizza! My favourites as well. It’s essentially mini versions of the skinny pizzas they serve at.. Skinny Pizza. Bite sized goodness! Love the contrast of flavours on each.

More fooood.

Nestled in a corner of Dempsey! Take a walk around the whole complex, it has a rough sort of charm to it.

Vintage Tea Party used to be much more fun, because there was a constant flow of food. Probably because it was quieter and less well-known last time, and there weren’t so many crowds around the tables. We spent half of our time watching the crowds rush for food, which was super entertaining!! High Tea is supposed to be a relaxing activity yoz.

It’s at a good price though – $25++. Remember, the food doesn’t refill very fast though so you gotta watch out for that!

8D Dempsey Rd
6475 7787

Make reservations on their website here.


3 responses to “Vintage Tea Party, House @ Dempsey

    • i went there twice! enjoyed myself more the first time. the second time, people just snapped up the food and replacements took really really long to come. which isn’t how a buffet is supposed to be ):

      but well, some of the stuff is really good… like if you enjoy skinny pizzas, you can have your fill here! some cakes/ tarts are also yum (:

      and i realised we have the same layout! link me? (: I’ve linked you!

  1. Hey!

    This is Cheryl from HOUSE (under the Spa Esprit Group), we recently revamped our Vintage High Tea so you can now expect more variety of sweets and savouries, what more, we change them occasionally so you don’t have to worry about having the same thing each time you come. Price is $30++/pax but if you come dressed to the 1920s, you get an instant 10% off 😉


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