Caffe Pralet @ Tiong Bahru

Bought a Groupon for this place so we visited it when were in the area to celebrate a friend’s birthday! It’s located at Eng Hoon Street, which should easily ring a bell with most these days! Eng Hoon is also home to Tiong Bahru Bakery and Orange Thimble. But unlike these two new cafes, Caffe Pralet is a very simple laid back place that serves simple casual Western food. They aim to have some healthier choices on the menu also, so don’t come expecting something like the indie art deco cafes!

Shepherd’s Pie ($8.00)

This is a Saturday and Sunday only dish! Most tables ordered this and who doesn’t love a simple comforting bowl of beef, potatoes and tomato sauce? Nice ratio of beef: potatoes, didn’t feel like we had too much of each. Top was also browned nicely!

Tofu Burger ($8.00)

“Pan fried tofu, tempeh, herbs & healthy seasoning are combined in a delicious patty with caramelized onions, fresh tomato sauce crisp lettuce & sandwiched between soft, wholemeal buns baked by our in-house chefs. It’s eggless and free of transfat.” – Quoted from the website.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it!! Mixed reactions on this burger – I really liked the generous smattering of caramelised onions, which were done quite well, not too burnt and really sweet. The patty was also interesting. Quite nutty, quite a firm bite, but apart from that there’s not much taste. Buns were soft and definitely freshly baked! Some of my friends weren’t too receptive to the taste of tempeh though!

Chicken and Sausage Baked Rice ($8.00)

Go for the seafood one, it’s supposed to be their special! We had this because a friend doesn’t fancy seafood. Always love the cheesy layer that’s baked till it’s golden brown and slightly crisp. Nothing spectacular though!

I wouldn’t return here if I had to pay these prices but it was quite worth it with the Groupon! This place also does some pretty good fondant cakes, so they can be an option if you’re looking for something quite affordable. They have lots of experience with cake decorations – I enquired before and was shown a whole array of past designs.

Caffe Pralet by Creative Culinaire Pte Ltd
17 Eng Hoon Street, #01-04 Eng Hoon Mansions
6223 5595

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