Baker & Cook @ Greenwood

YES INDEED PASSION IS VERY IMPORTANT! And I really admire this guy for it. Global Baker Dean Brettschneider has tons of experience under his belt. He started out in New Zealand but he has expanded and is doing so much now – wrote cookbooks, filming a show, opened outlets in Shanghai and now in Singapore…. wow. And I love how he doesn’t brand himself as a French/ German baker but a global one. It’s like combining the best you can find and adapting it to suit the community that he’s serving. Which is really cool!

Did you know that Baker & Cook is supplying Dean & Deluca?

Visited on a weekday morning, which is definitely a good idea. Heard that weekends are really packed and it becomes too noisy as well! Nice, cosy and friendly place. I like the simplicity of it – cement,  slate and wood. The glass cabinet of food, bread and pastries enveloping the single, long communal table. Ceiling to floor glass panels which gives everyone the chance to watch the world go by. So non-pretentious!

Salmon Quiche ($7.95) which comes with a choice of salad from the salad bar. The selections of quiches and salads change daily but this was so good!! Wanted to try the pumpkin salad but my friend doesn’t dig pumpkins, so we opted for a cucumber rocket and tomato salad. Very simple and not that strong in taste but definitely using fresh ingredients. I loved the quiche!!!!! Chock full of ingredients – salmon, olives, peppers, cheese etc. Crust was buttery and flaky at the same time. LOVE IT!! Coming back for more.

These are just a fraction of the pastries! Spoilt for choice here. Tarts looked the best to us so we opted for a Blackberry Tart ($4.95).

This was absolutely delicious! They do the tarts sooo well. Everyone has raved about the lemon curd tart – I need to go down again to try it! But this is not a bad bet either. Love the pastry shell. Perfect balance – pastry does not break apart upon cutting it, but also melts in your mouth. Fragipane went along well too. Love how it wasn’t overly sweet. Berries were a nice touch also since these were sweet. Topped with pistachios!! YAY LOVE GOOD TARTS!

They also had their homemade jams on the table and boy some of the best jams I’ve tasted, apart from Regent’s high tea! I like it a lot how their stuff isn’t cloyingly sweet. Also filled with plump berries and candied orange peel. Wow I really need to go back there now.

So you probably can tell how much I love Baker & Cook! Service was friendly, place is so pleasant, it’s really near my home and the food I tried was all tasty! Do drop by if you’re in the area, it’s worth it!

Baker & Cook
77 Hillcrest Road
6469 8834
Sun to Thurs – 7am to 8pm
Fri, Sat – 8am to 10pm

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