Orange Thimble @ Tiong Bahru

This post on Orange Thimble is based on two visits! One pretty long ago and one just a couple of weeks back.

One thing I like about this place is that the cafe is separated into a few different segments. Each time you go you can sit at a different portion and feel like you’re in yet another place.

Plus it’s an art deco cafe so the art work displayed here always changes! Didn’t try the following food so I’m not sure about taste and price.

My friend’s latte! My friend lives in Melbourne, home to good coffee, so this wasn’t a huge wow for her or anything. I like 40 Hands coffee the most so far!

Chicken sandwich and beef burger, if I remember correctly (pardon me this was half a year ago). Costs about $8 each I think. And here’s the recent 2nd visit!

Dessert counter. I feel like this place became a lot quieter after the opening of Tiong Bahru Bakery one street down! Wanted to try that but it was too crowded and noisy to talk in peace.

Look! New art!

Chocolate Hazelnut cake ($7.50). Friend ordered this layered cake. Crunchy hazelnut praline base, layers of mousse and chocolate cake, topped with ganache. Nothing fabulous IMO haha you can tell I don’t really fancy this placeeee

Had their homemade icecream – $3.50 a scoop. Must say that the flavours are quite yummy though! This one is Earl Grey with Figs. Loveeeed the large chunks of chewy sweet figs. Eat their ice-cream!! Worth it.

Tiong Bahru is really developing into such a hip area now! Sprouting up of so many cafes. But I like how it still retains the old school charm – Tiong Bahru Market, Loo’s Curry Rice (which I wanted to try but was closed) etc. Anyway I don’t think Orange Thimble serves fantastic food, but it is a nice place to chillax on a weekday. Not on a weekend though it is PACKED to the brim. Every visit will feel different cos the decor changes and because you have the indoor seating area, the cosy sofas and the al-fresco dining area. Really like the concept of an art cafe though – displays the work and also gives the cafe a new look once in a while.

Block 56, #01-68 Eng Hoon Street, Tiong Bahru
Sun, Tues to Thurs – 9am – 9.30pm
Fri, Sat – 9am – 11pm
Mon – Closed

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