Black @ Hitachi Tower


At my previous workplace, some of my colleagues were saying that Black has one of the best coffees around the area.

One of them brought all of us out for coffee and I can’t remember what I had but it didn’t appeal to me at aaaalll. So bitter, so thin! I liked the high ceiling of the place and the darkness of the cafe. So even when the place is packed with people it isn’t that noisy and it still feels really chill.

Anyway it was my second visit today! Friend brought me here after our Arcade fish soup lunch (which is v popular).

So we got a hot mocha and a hot latte ($5 each). Had mine in a take away cup which looks so pretty! Makes me wanna drink coffee everyday.

Been reading more about coffees and learning what a good coffee entails. Some say that typical lattes have way too much milk and sugar, which overwhelms any coffee taste.

I personally think Black does it’s lattes quite well! Not too bitter, not too sour. Right temperature. Lots of foam and well-steamed milk. YUM!

Also tried the Varlhona Chocolate Banana Cake ($5). Took a photo but it’s not v photogenic so… It isn’t here. Not too bad but nothing to shout about I’ll stick to their coffee!

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