Ikoi @ Hotel Miramar

Tried Irodori previously, and now it’s time to try Ikoi!

Was tasked to pick a Japanese restaurant for a birthday treat and I figured that this would be pretty good value for money. Sure it’s probably not the best Jap food you can find, but for a group of 7, and to satisfy the craving for Jap food, I think this is a good bet!

Sashimi! Super fresh. Hot favourite around the table yum. They have quite a few types, including salmon, tuna, octopus, yellowtail and squid.

California maki. Not bad but rice was a bit too soft.

Jap curry rice. Give this a miss, tasted like it was made from a packet and the rice wasn’t even Jap rice.

Agedashi tofu. This was pretty good. Then again you can’t really go wrong with this.

California handrolls. I like how they have a whole range of crockery to serve the different items. Makes the food look much better as well. Handrolls were not bad but once again I prefer my sushi rice a little firmer.

They bring 1 pot to each table. Broth was flavourful and there were heaps of ingredients. Tofu, mushrooms, spring onions, fish slices etc. My grandma loved it!

More sashimi!

Not the best around, but enough variety to temporarily sate the craving for sushi.

Cold ramen – pretty interesting and refreshing! Luckily it comes in a really tiny portion.

Please give this a miss it’s not worth eating

Shishamo!!!! So goooooood and fresh and perfectly grilled. One of the better items.

Prawn tempuraaaa. Prawns were quite fresh but batter was a bit too sticky for my liking. Still acceptable though although this batch was slightly burnt

Snapped these photos after the crowd died down. It’s realllly crowded but I think they handled the crowd relatively well and managed to push the orders out quite fast. Must be the years of experience.

All ready to close for the night! Mum and I spoke to the owner, who’s really enthusiastic and friendly. She couldn’t stop telling us about how they have been around for so many years and how all sorts of celebrities come over to eat hahaha. The way she talks makes you feel like an old friend though, so it’s no surprise people keep coming back here.

Make reservations in advance! They’re always crowdeddddd.

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Road
Hotel Miramar, #01-01
6887 3788
11.30am–2pm, 6pm–11pm daily

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