Toby’s Estate @ Robertson Quay

How wrong can you go with breakfast? Not very! All these cafes are serving up almost the same things – I wonder if people do get bored of the same selections over and over again. But then again each place has its own unique vibe, and that’s the main draw to cafes for me!

Headed to Robertson Quay to explore. Planned to walk around after Toby’s in search of more food, but there was a craaaaazy downpour. It was insane we got soaked the moment we stepped out of the cafe. So… back to RQ another day!

Eggs Benedict ($14). Standard rendition, nothing amazing. They used lightly toasted bread instead of English muffins (which I really like) which I am fine with, but if I really wanted to be picky, bread wasn’t served hot and it got really chewy when it was cold.

Eggs Royale ($14). My friend’s portion! Enough salmon on the plate to please a person.

Latte ($5) – My friend’s as well! Smelt good though.

They are very proud of their giant roaster. And it is humongous. They do have some classes on coffee appreciation and such. Might find time to go for one of these lessons some day.

I need to stop resizing my photos to such a lousy quality before uploading them! Ruins everything yucks. Place was really chill and I liked the atmosphere. Probably cos it was a rainy day and a weekday, it might get more crowded during the weekends. People were just sitting in their own corner, typing away furiously on their laptops, browsing through magazines, and feeling warm and cosy while the rain beat down against the huge glass windows.

Toby’s Estate
8 Rodyk St #01-03/04
6636 7629
Mon – Sun: 7.30am – 6.00pm


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