Ramen Santouka @ Cuppage Terrace

After my rather disappointing last time at Tonkotsu King (I proudly proclaimed it to be the best I’ve ever eaten.. but the last time I ate it it was a bit soggy and just not as flavourful), I am now on the hunt for good ramen again! Heard some pretty rave things about Santouka, and since it’s conveniently located at Cuppage Terrace (between Centrepoint and OG), decided to give it a shot!

I had the small Shoyu Ramen ($12.50) and added on a flavoured egg ($1.50). Wow when they said small I didn’t expect it to be that small! Which means prices are a bit steeper than some other places (e.g. Tonkotsu King sorry I keep comparing everything to it teehee but you get a really hearty portion there for this price!).

They have Salt and Miso bases as well, Salt being their signature. Picked shoyu because it sounded milder than salt, and it was. Broth wasn’t too salty and was light as well. Pick Salt if you want something creamier!

Noodles were fine and bouncy, chewy but not doughy. Good Hokkaido style noodles!

But wow the star of the show at Santouka, is. the. hanjuku egg. Man it is so good it’s really the best I’ve tasted! Served chilled, with the shoyu flavour soaked throughout the entire egg white (most places miss out on this imo), and the egg yolk 90% runny. Amazing!!! We were saying we could sit there and just eat 10 eggs at a go.

Bf ordered the Kara-miso set ($22.50). Comes with a small ramen, grilled salmon and salmon roe don, chawanmushi, hot tea and salad. Also paid extra $1 for the kara-miso base. . Didn’t try much of his, but it’s a spicy and oily soup!

Nothing fab about this, I’ll just stick with the ramen here. Salmon was way too salty for my liking and didn’t have that char grill flavour that I always love.

Chawanmushi was really smooth – one of the better ones I’ve tasted lately. Not much ingredients inside but I’m not complaining. The smoothness of the egg custard was really more than enough to win me over. It’s $3.50 if you order it a-la carte.

Place was pretty quiet but we went there at 6.30pm on a weekday, and crowds might start to pour in later, so you might wanna call up to reserve! No harm done.


Ramen Santouka
21 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace
6225 1059

Mon-Fri: 12 – 3pm, 5.30pm – 12am
Sat: 12pm – 12am (perfect for a late night bowl!)
Sun: 12pm – 9.30pm

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