Mad for Garlic @ Clarke Quay

I LOVE GARLIC I REALLY DO! So I was super excited when I heard that a place called Mad for Garlic was open at Suntec City – and that was a couple of years back. Went back a few times and it never failed to disappoint with its well-executed dishes, big portions and decent prices.

Did you know this place is actually a Korean set up? And their focus is on creating Italian food centred around garlic. Now garlic lovers, YOU KNOW WHERE TO HEAD TO!

This visit took place late last year, and I’ll just throw them in here for comparison to what you can get now, one year on. And surprisingly I can remember how each of it tastes!!

Fresh Spinach Salad with Fried Garlic and Bacon Slices with Balsamic Dressing ($14.90). I remember the fresh baby spinach leaves! And how they could have been more liberal with the dressing, but overall still a good sharing portion.

Garlic Bread Tower topped with Fresh Garlic Puree ($9.90). This was served as a tower, and the waiter compressed it and cut it into slices for us. Bread was served nice and warm, entire bread was like soaking in garlic (might be a little oily for some though), and the addition of garlic puree was a nice touch too! Unique take on garlic bread.

As you will see, we ordered these two pastas on our most recent visit! The Triple Garlic Pasta with Seafood ($19.90) tasted just as good, but the Lobster Pasta ($19.90) disappointed the second time round. Please check out the generous helping of roe and huge chunks of lobster meat!! This, coupled with garlic everywhere, was what made me fall in love with this place.

Oh my I can’t remember what pizza this was – but nothing spectacular if I don’t remember wrongly! Decent, but normal. Rather generous with toppings too!

Soooo, the latest visit. Bf and I decided to head there after watching National Day fireworks, but a quick google search told us that they were closed for renovations till about May 2013!! See it always pay to check out/ call up the places you wanna dine at before heading there. Turns out that they opened an outlet at Clarke Quay, so pls head there instead of the Suntec one!!

Was sooo excited to eat this pasta again, but sigh tasted a lot more different from the previous time! Sauce felt overly creamy, and didn’t have as strong a lobster taste as I recall having the last time. I asked for garlic flakes though, and adding it to my pasta gave it garlic kick that kinda provided the most flavour for this dish.

This is good if you like spicy and stuff! The waiters will warn you that it is very spicyyyy and there is chilli everyone. It’s spicy in a slightly sweet way. And again, lots of garlic. Garlic slices and chopped garlic bits. Lots of seafood too! Mussels, prawns and cuttle fish.

Garlic Sprinkle Gelato ($7.90). Garlic ice cream, chocolate sauce and a garlic cookie. I’d stick with their starters and mains if I were you, I couldn’t taste the garlic in the ice cream at all! Still, an interesting idea though, adding garlic into their sweets. The cookie was quite tasty though!!

Garlic lamps!! Mega cute.

I quite like the ambience here! Nice, dark, classy interior, but there are spotlights on certain tables also which gives the place enough light. Went there really late so they were starting to close up the restaurant area. There’s a bar too and a huge screen which they were screening Olympics on. Pretty good place to chill!

Service was prompt and attentive as well, thumbs up.

Mad For Garlic
Block 3B, River Valley Road, #01-16
The Foundry
6333 1507
Open daily from 11.30am – 1am


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