Nana Thai @ Golden Mile Complex

Golden Mile Complex is Thai paradise. All the shops have Thai signboards and you hear lively Thai chatter throughout the day at this place. I’ve been here for Diandin Leluk before – and the things weren’t exceptionally cheap but I remember it all being good. Decided to try somewhere new because my new found friend from Switzerland wanted to have some authentic Thai!

Didn’t order much because he said he was a small eater ahahah.

Mango Salad ($5). Mmmm this really whets your appetite… if you can stomach the fiery chilli padi and the spice that comes from every bite. But you can’t stop. Cos it’s so refreshing and good.

Pad Thai ($5). Ooooops my new found friend ate half of it before I could get a shot… sorry ahhahaha. Well at least we finished the whole plate. This is different from what you get in Thai Express and all. Very very moist, very sweet and the flavours feel like they’ve really penetrated through the noodles. Sizeable portion too!

Thai Green Gurry with Chicken ($10). I liked how it had lots of Thai eggplant in it – when you crunch into these little balls, you get the soft eggplant which is drenched in the spicy curry. Felt a little too oily though, and the chicken was super duper fatty. Eat it with rice! Spicy spicy ahhaha.

I think I’ll head back to Diandin Leluk the next time, still on the look out for good affordable Thai after the Ah Loy standards dropped 😦

Nana Thai
Golden Mile Complex, 5001 Beach Road

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