PS Cafe @ Dempsey

Was gonna meet an atas friend for tea before he flies off to study (sigh everyone is flying), so of course I had to pick an atas place to have tea with atas friend! Ended up at Dempsey because atas friend has atas car hahaha.

Been wanting to try truffle fries ($15) for a long while since I’ve always seen people raaaaave about it. My friend’s first reaction to the fries was shock – ‘this is the biggest plate of fries I’ve seen’. The waitress happily told us it was 600gms worth of potatoes. Tons of calories in this! But it’s really good when it’s piping hot! The truffle oil scent fills the air from the moment you pick up the fry to the moment where you start chewing on it. Love the pieces with parmesan on it, adds another dimension to it. Warning: as we trawled through the plate, it just started tasting like normal fries… so share it!

Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream ($12.90). If I go to PS Cafe, it’s only to eat their desserts. I like their puddings! Had the banana version at Palais a while back. This was as good. Moist, strewn with dates and slightly chewy. Picky me would say I’d love it to be stickier though, and not have it crumble as easily as this. Sticky pudding for a reason! Comfort food anyway, so yay.

Well, just because I like this photo ahahaha

I was very intrigued by the waitresses climbing up and down the counter trying to rewrite their chalk board menu haha.

Such a peaceful place to be on a weekday afternoon. Makes you feel like there’s nothing else to care about. Just you and your dates (sticky date). And I emphasise on weekday because these cafes are crazy crowded on weekends it’s not even funny.

It is such a cosy and great place to chill and have tea! Look at all the lush greenery around! And the high ceilings. I love high ceilings.

Their cake selection (which I don’t think much of hehe I like their puddings and profiteroles!)

PS Cafe at Harding
28 B Harding Road
6479 3343
Brunch (Weekends) – 9.30am – 6.30pm
Mon to Thurs, Sun – 11.30am – 12am
Fri, Sat – 11.30am – 2am


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