Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar @ Winstedt Road



Been wanting to try this place’s brunch for the longest time! Finally got down to doing so on a weekday morning when I had no classes. Oops I should have been studying. Skyve’s brunch wasn’t a disappointment for me, glad to say, though prices are a bit on the steep side. I’ll be back though, if I’m in need of a brunch fix.

Ricotta Hotcakes ($16).
Maple syrup, passionfruit butter, roasted almond flakes, fresh bananas

I dig ricotta pancakes. The name already makes me wanna drool. It’s lighter than the buttermilk pancakes, it’s fluffier, it’s slightly creamier and a hint cheesier. These tasted like the Bill’s (in Sydney) version to me. Glad that we shared though, I can never plough through three whole pancakes by myself. The passionfruit butter was a unique addition imo. Gave this tart, sour dimension to it, which was refreshing!

Skyve Sous Vide Eggs Benedict ($18)
2 poached eggs, sourdough bread, grilled portobello mushroom, sweet corn, arugula sald & hollandaise sauce

I’ve been wanting to try this! Ever since my experience at Le St Julien where I had a supppper good egg experience, my heart leaps a little when I see the words sous vide ahaha. And I’m always open to new takes on brunch items! Otherwise it gets boring.

This did not disappoint!! Eggs were of a custard-like consistency, slightly firm but also slightly wobbly. Loooove it. Yolk was thick and runny too. YUMM! Everything else on the plate went together very well too – the rocket which had a lovely fresh peppery taste, the corn which was so sweeeet, a huge portobello mushroom (’nuff said) and a piece of toast. I will come back to eat this.

Skyver’s Breakfast ($20)
2 eggs with choice of style: overeasy / sunny side up / scrambled /poached
choice of bread: wholemeal/ brioche / sourdough
served with wild mushroom fricassee, English pork sausage, confit of cherry tomatoes & roasted baby potatoes

Wow I just realised this cost us $20! My friends ordered first because I was late so I didn’t see the prices. A big breakfast worth the $20 though, I feel. Everything was really of quality. The baby potatoes were done so well – seasoned with rosemary and pepper and just so soft. Mushrooms good too. YAY HAPPY ME!


The place is partitioned into little dining areas. Sort of an adventure trying to decide where to have your meal.


I really like this. Soooo chill I could totally sit here to study. And eat their food the whole day.


The alfresco dining area!

I just really like the whole laid-back feel of this place. Another hidden find. It’s a 400m walk from the MRT and it’s actually rather easy to find! I urge you to try the food here, I’ve heard rave reviews about the lunch/ dinner menus as well 🙂 Yum.

Skyve Elementary Bistro & Bar
No.10 Winstedt Road
Block E, #01-17
Open Daily: Monday to Sunday
10am to late, brunch menu served from 10am-4pm on weekdays
6225 6690

Check out the menu on the website first – lots of choices for you before you decide what meal to go for.

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