Papa Palheta @ Bukit Timah Road (Closed)

This is truly one hidden back-alley place. Address is stated as 140 Bukit Timah Road, but you won’t find this place unless you circle the whole block of shophouses. Then you spot this little Papa Palheta sign.

And this is the view that greets you! How cosy. Nicely shaded and comfortable.

This place serves up coffee, and only coffee. White or black. Just walk in and tell them what you want. Don’t ask for the price – it works based on a tipping system. Which is quite an interesting idea! You determine the worth of that little cuppa.

And they sell coffee-related products too.

Always heard about how this place has a following, and today I saw it for myself. People just stream in and out of the place, with the walk of someone who has been here a milion times. They enter, then they emerge a few minutes later with dubious, plain-looking brown paper bags. In and out just like that. Papa coffee beans are totally a lifestyle!! Quite a few office workers were here to enjoy coffee during their lunch break too!

2 cappucinos & a latte. And comfortable conversations over coffee. Always love hanging with friends!

Teehee I like this. Super cute.

Papa Palheta
140 Bukit Timah Road
9799 0420
Sun, Tue–Fri: 9am – 6pm
Sat: 9am – 7.30pm
Closed on Mondays


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