&made by Bruno Mernard @ Pacific Plaza

Very glad that so many good food places have been popping up in town! Which means convenient location and more good food choices. Headed down after school one day with some dude friends who wanted to eat burgers by the 3 Michelin starred chef!

My friend took this photo haha cannot even see the patty. This is the B Burger ($19). Features dry aged beef, caramelised onions, comte cheese, capers and a garlic sauce. The brioche buns that hold these ingredients together are brilliant. Light, fluffy, well-buttered, well-toasted. No lack of black sesame seeds in them to give the extra toasty crunch.

I didn’t find the patty too tasty though – I think it’s just how I can’t really savour beef. But I like how it was coarse and handmade. Fries were nothing to shout about, honestly I didn’t get much hint of seasoning. Well the BBQ sauce was yummmmmyyy. Even their ketchup is home made! It’s a bit like tomato paste but it’s fresh and tangy. Nice change from the preservative-filled bottles.

This is the 3 Little Pigs burger ($23). Same great buns, and here is what lies within: a pork, bacon and chorizo patty , matched with shiitake mushrooms, Shibazuke pickles and yuzu-kosho mayonnaise. Japanese inspired! I liked this. Patty was moist and the taste of chorizo gave a nice twang to it. And what’s there to complain about when there’s mushrooms??? I couldn’t taste the sauces in either of the burgers though maybe it’s just me.

You have the option of topping up $3 for truffle fries – which two of my friends did – and I think it’s quite worth it!

Picked 2 desserts to share.

Berries Sundae ($12). Soft icecream, chantilly creme, vanilla crumble, strawberries, raspberries, berry coulis, topping of filo pastry flakes. This was gooooood stuff!!! Honestly I wouldn’t think of order a sundae here, and it looked so smallll I wouldn’t think it was worth it. Great call though. The crumble was fragrantly perfumed, incredibly crunchy, fresh fresh berries cut through the sweetness, coulis made a wonderful companion to the ice cream. The creme and ice-cream alone were magnificent too. Surprise find! GREAT FIND.

Salted Caramel Lava Cake ($15). Was looking forward to trying it but it wasn’t that fab! Even the cake was deflated and the caramel already finished oozing hahaha no fun. I’ll still give credits to the individual components though. The insides of the cake were still relatively moist and the caramel was just the right consistency and the colour I like it to be. Ice-cream was smooth with that slightly burnt flavour and a salty aftertaste. Plus points for being served extra cold and rolled all over with those crunchy flakes.

Casual but swanky decor, uptown-diner!

Way chic decor!

Oh the service here is great too. Never a moment where my glass was empty and just generally very friendly people.

Last words before I head off to conquer the huge stack of work:

Really appreciate it when chefs, even though they’ve been piled with accolades and awards, make the effort to bring good food at good prices to the public 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying La Cantine at Raffles Place, which is another of his new outlets in Singapore. I’m glad Bruno Menard’s settled here, especially since he seems to be a very down to earth guy, from the interviews I’ve read.

Come here! I’ll advise people to try stuff other than the B Burger though, stuff like the duck confit burger and their toastoos (buckwheat crepes). Stuff that has various cultural twists and are inspired by different parts of the world. So well-thought out! I’ll be back to try the other burgers/ toastoos/ OTHER SUNDAES!

&made by Bruno Menard
#01-04/05/06 Pacific Plaza
9 Scotts Road
6732 9808, but no reservations
Mon to Sun: 8am – 10pm

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