Food Trail in the East + Night Festival

Bf’s going overseas to study today!! Don’t really know how to feel about it right now, but it’s a new chapter for both of us, so (:

So in the last month we have been going out quite a bit and one day we decided to do something other than eating/ shopping/ chilling. Planned a little food trail around places, which was actually quite fail because it’s so hard to food trail with 2 people! Too much food.

1st stop: Chin Mee Chin Coffee and Cake Shop 
204 East Coast Rd
6345 0419
Tue – Sun: 8.30am – 4.30pm

Old school custard puffs with the yellow custard. This was good. Generous helping of custard within that very fresh and airy puff!! People kept coming in to buy boxes of their pastries. I’d head back for more.
Ordered a kaya bun to share. The bun was gooooood. Toasted such that it was charred on the inside, ooh love those crisp brown edges. Bun was also slightly sweet mmm. Kaya was just the way I like it, full of pandan and coconut flavour. Very yum! Will eat these too.
Sadly, our eggs and coffee were disappointing. Overcooked eggs and mega diluted drinks.
One great thing about walking around the East on foot is appreciating all these Peranakan heritage areas! Loving the elaborate tile work that isn’t easy to find anymore. And the bright wall colours! My walls in future.
More shophouses.
2nd stop: Ampang Niang Tofu
225 East Coast Road
Saw this on a famous food blog soooo expectations were there but NAH it’s not that good. Which is why I didn’t bother giving any details of the place.
We ordered a portion for one and guess how much it was!!!!! $7.50 :O Wouldn’t deny that it was quite tasty and fresh, but it really doesn’t warrant the price tsk.
3rd stop: Glory Catering
139 East Coast Road
Open 8.30am to 8.3opm
It was really crowded inside! Lots of people buying their mixed rice and Peranakan dishes. Prices here are quite ex but consensus is that portions are big and food is tasty. Heard that their kueh is mostly good too but we were saving our stomachs (#foodtrailwoes)
I was here to test out the pohpiah! At $2.20 a roll it is not cheap (tsk at all the Katong prices), but it was chock full of ingredients and it’s definitely taaaasty. Also different from those that we normally eat, cos this is traditional Nonya style!
I think this is quite an unappetising photo LOL but yes this was good. Generous helping of the vegetables. And REALLY SPICY CHILLI PASTE. Highlight for me! Nothing beats freshly ground and very very spicy chilli paste! I lovedddd the skin too. It’s a very soft egg skin, which somehow manages to hold all the ingredients together despite it being so wet. Really liked it.
4th stop: Yong Huat
125/ 127 East Coast Road (right opposite I12 Katong)
Open daily from 8am – 8pm
This was wet and starchy, with beehoon and thick yellow noodles. This cost $3.50. Mmmmmm sad to say I grew up on hokkien mee made with thin bee hoon and I like that a lot better! But this was still fragrant and of a generous portion. Pork lard lovers gotta check it out!
5th stop: Sing Heng Claypot Bak Koot Teh
439 Joo Chiat Road
Open 24 hours, closed on Mondays
6345 8754
Yayyy all I’ve been eating lately is the clear peppery BKT and I miss this herbal sort! True Hokkien at heart yo. This pot set us back $7.50 but we enjoyed it. There were 3 large ribs and the pork was just falling off the bones. Not too dry and chewy and very flavourful. I love the garlic cloves in there too NOM! The yam rice looked good, but once again we had to control ourselves. Soup might taste a bit mild and not herbal enough, but it’s apparently toned down. Wished there was a slightly stronger herbal taste, but I’m not complaining.
Oh and walk down from here to get your chicken rice fix at Tian Tian. Save those stomachs guys.
Loving the pastels!
6th stop: Ken’s Delights
Dunman Food Centre, #01-01
271 Onan Road
11am – 11pm
We wanted to try this really yummy sounding homemade wanton noodles place but to our dismay it had closed down!!!!! What a waste. Bf’s stomach was foaming already so we just stopped by Dunman Food Centre to get a drink and some dessert.
This is one hearty bowl of chendol, which only costs $1.50. Pardon the poor photo again, photographer boy was hot and tired hahaha. We liked it! Red beans, chendol, thick coconut milk, finely shaved ice and generous drizzles of gula melaka.
7th stop: Dunman Road Char Siew Wan Ton Mee
Dunman Food Centre, #02-19
271 Onan Road
12pm – 8.30pm, Closed on Mon and Thurs
Did I just mention last stop? “Since we’re here, we might as well eat more!” Bf did not like this because of the thick chewy noodles. It’s handmade and definitely tastes like it – I guess some people take to this! I wasn’t too big a fan, just as how I do not fancy Fei Fei. Wantons were packed with a punch and very tasty meat, but a tad too salty. Chilli here is crazy potent once again, but nice to mix it in with your noodles.
So because we had the car that day, we had the luxury of being able to drive around to places we normally head to! Wanted to check out the place above. No points for guessing because everyone knows it’s Chye Seng Huat Hardware at 150 Tyrwhitt Road. It’s near Jalan Besar Stadium.
I am gonna come here for some coffee appreciation sessions soon. After the term.
Where the heart and bustle of the place lies.
So mega crowdedddddd. We were about to sit but the waitress told us to wait for a table! Then another couple stepped in and the waitress proceeded to let them in. LOL so we left! See you again soon CSHH.
Headed to Loysel’s Toy, which is in another post.
Then off to town to enjoyyyy the Night Festival!!

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