Chili’s @ Tanglin Mall

Everybody put your hands in the air if you love big portions!! Especially when it’s big portions of tasty comfort food. My family is always happy when we head to Chili’s. It’s a really lively atmosphere on Friday/ Saturday nights (which also means longer queues) and it makes you so excited to be there.

I don’t really drink, but my friends said the margaritas were not bad… So maybe try them out and let me know!

Some stuff we had tonight –

Terlingua Chili ($6). Its only $4 if you order it with an entree. Eat it while it’s piping hot! That way the spices in it really come through. Such a hearty portion for sharing and dipping, great to kick start the meal.


Original full rack baby back ribs ($39). Dad previously enjoyed the hugeeee portions here but today he said the ribs were too dry. Kudos for having really fleshy ribs though. And hardly any fat on them (which made them dry so you decide if you want juice or lean meat). The portions are truly huge!


Chicken quesadillas ($20). Chicken breast with grilled onions, Jack cheese in buttery flour tortillas. Served with pico de gallo, black beans and rice. My mama loves this! I love how it’s stuffed full with a bit of everything and nothing overwhelms the taste of anything else!

Please check out the little hand who couldn’t wait to get his hands on my burger!!

Smokehouse burger ($24). They sort of caramelise their own bacon, then there’s onion rings, cheese, lettuce and a beef patty. BBQ sauce served on the side.

One thing I love about Chilis is their huge range of sides, and how flexible they are with letting you choose them. I picked the mashed potatoes with black pepper gravy. Their mash is true blue mash. Literally taking the cooked potato and smashing it into a ball, skin and all. Yum!!!

Anyway, Baby loved this burger. He tried it and told me “Jie your burger tastes so much better than mine! Why does it have so many tasty ingredients?” He had the cheeseburger on the kids menu, which is of a very filling portion for kids honestly! For $12 you get a main plus a side. And a drink. And a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream (proper good ice cream).

So that’s a very quick post from my phone before I get back to my assignment. Especially happy after today’s meal because I was sooooo hungry I couldn’t even make any more progress on my assignment.

Have a great Sunday ahead!

4 responses to “Chili’s @ Tanglin Mall

  1. haven’t been to the one in SG, surprisingly the branch at KLCC (KL) has a great view and reasonable pricing (MYR to SG conversion that is )

    • yeah!! i went to the KL one too. especially enjoyable for singaporeans because of the favourable conversion rate! but portions were hearty and food tasted good anyway!

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