Kilo @ Kampong Bugis

My friend really loves this place and for good reason I feel! I remember the first time I came here I was pretty amazed at how one lone building stood in the middle of nowhere, alongside the Kallang River. Then I discovered that Loysel’s Toy was here, and next I discovered the bouldering studio! Pretty romantic to take a stroll here before heading into Kilo for dinner, if you ask me!!!

This place serves up fusion of Japanese and Italian foods, with touches of South America and Thai as well.

Seared scallops in mushroom sauce + vine tomatoes & sauteed white wine mushrooms ($21).

It normally comes with 3 scallops but we had 5 at our table so we asked to add extra, which made it $27 I think! This is very good I’ve had it twice already and it was perfect on both occasions!! Super juicy, plump and fresh scallops lying in a very delightful mushroom sauce. It’s slightly creamy but it’s bursting with that lovely earthy taste of mushrooms and slightly sweet as well. The mushrooms are great as well they are little bites of joy.

In the background you see a salad. Chilli-lime spicy pork or prawn salad ($20).

This was refreshing and light, but I can’t remember much about it oopsy.

Angel hair with cream of ebiko ($19).

Had this for the night, wanted to try something other than the squid ink rice! I should have stuck to the squid inkkkk. Though this was rather well-executed, it wasn’t absolutely amazing or mindblowing. Might find it a little too rich to get through too! Share!

Squid ink rice with prawns and squid and egg yolk ($19).

Where are the prawns?? My friend doesn’t eat prawns so she changed it to scallops instead. I LOVE THE SQUID INK RICE as much as I like the scallops here!! Move away squid ink pasta make way for this squid ink rice. It’s like this rice was born and bred in squid ink, every grain of it tastes just like it. Also like how the rice grains are all distinct and slightly chewy yumz. Once again the scallops and squid are very fresh, and the flavours all complement each other. Omg I love this hahaha.

Lemongrass-ginger baked salmon & basil rice ($28). 

Salmon was done the way I enjoy it, crisp on the outside and still soft and tender on the insides. Flavours were milder in this one, and I also can’t remember much (can you tell which are my favourites) but my friend enjoyed it.

It’s a place I’d recommend!!! Always want to get some photos of the place to show the world how it looks like but I always get absorbed in my food and dinner conversations.. oops. The ambience is a huge draw for me – super laid back and casual – great place for communal dining. The moment you step out of the lift you are in the restaurant, no wait, it’s almost like you’re at a friend’s place for dinner, just raw (hehehe they used to be Raw Kitchen Bar at Greenwood!), bare concrete floors and huge windows to let the evening breeze in and to watch the city lights in the distance. It’s non air-conditioned but it’s really breezy. Seriously an awesome place for chilling with friends or for a date. Remember to make your reservations it is very popular!!

66 Kampong Bugis, #02-01
Singapore 338987
6467 3987
Tues – Sat: 6pm – 12am
Sun: 11am – 3pm

Menu for your reference!

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