Nara Japanese Restaurant @ Novena

My very funky ahma loves to try new places and she’s always up for good food, so she brought us to this little Jap place at Goldhill Centre. It’s right next to United Square at Novena! It’s a cosy little place that doesn’t sit too many but it does have a family hideout feel. Quite like it!


My ahma lovessss sashimi so we ordered the salmon sashimi ($20). Priceyyyy but at least it was very fresh, served very cold and was a good cut!



California roll ($13 if I remember correctly? Sorry all this is backlog and my memory fails me).



They had 4 bento sets – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Mine was one of the $32 sets (can’t remember which again sorry!!)

And I enjoyed it! Loved the pidan tofu starter (mmm silky tofu coated with that lovely century egg and flying fish roe!), the beef yakitori (done PERFECTLY wasn’t too tough or too raw), sushi was fresh and tasty. And it’s quite a good mix of items in my opinion. Also see how they serve a quail egg with their soba! Yay I appreciated that. Although the edamame was limp and tasteless.



This is a horrible photo I must apologise. If you manage to see it there’s tori karaage, sashimi, chawanmushi, grilled beef and rice. This set is $26.



Service was quite good and it’s a comfortable place to dine. Really quite pricey though my parents said their hearts were hurting when they footed the bill hahahaha. Go for the sets!



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