Brain food?

I love food, my family loves food and I have many awesome friends who love food just as much as me. So on normal days we trudge out in search of good food to fill our tummies. And on school days…. nothing changes! I’m shaking my head at you right now if you thought that foodie adventures cease when school starts to get more intense because NO FOOD IS SUCH AN ESSENTIAL PART OF OUR LIVES!

Here are some of the little things that brightened up the study periods. Follow me on Instagram!


Can remember when this was – baked a chocolate tart with my little brother (: He loveeeees anything chocolate. All he wants to bake are chocolate chip cookies, brownies and chocolate tarts. Still perfecting it, maybe I’ll post the recipe some day!


Satay for you Sir? Delivered from JB all the way to Singapore! I have awesome relatives.


At some school event in Sentosa, and saw this beautiful rainbow! I’ve never seen anything like this, so (:


My mum made Getuk-getuk! Homemade is always the best, simply because it’s made with loveeee.


Little brother and I baked brownies! We tried a different recipe – this was ultra chocolatey, ultra fudgey. Ahhhhmayzing.


Friend’s 21st was at Tower Club, where we had a seafood platter, mushroom soup with truffle oil, tomatoes with mozzarella, this codfish, and rounded off with some desserts and petit fours. It’s the good life.


Fairmont Champagne Truffle snowskin mooncakes. These are little morsels of joy. Every bite gives you some of the lightest and smoothest lotus paste, a crisp white chocolate shell and an intense champagne ganache. Woah. My mum loves this and it’s a must have for us every year!


Homemade goodness yo! My dad is a very fab cook, and is always experimenting to create things that we find in restaurants! It’s great because you get to vary the flavours according to your own tastes and you control what goes in – no MSG, no salt, just good wholesome ingredients. So I helped my dad to prepare burrrrritos! Wrapped like 20 of them for the family and boy they were gone quickly. Throw in some lovingly-prepared chili and tangy tasty guacamole and you’ll get one of the heartiest meals. I’ll choose this anytime, over other outside Tex-mex places!


My prof bought us an Awfully Chocolate cake! Had bad experiences with them previously, so I don’t fancy them…. but the caption was so funny lol. He says the girls took down his order wrongly!


Salted Caramel Truffle Tart from PV Bakery! My brother loooooved it.


My family loves tiramisu so we always share one whenever we have Italian!


Friend and I decided to have some Kiseki to motivate us to study harder but that just made… us… sleepy…. On a side note I won’t go back to Kiseki again, but they do some decent sashimi, grilled items, tempura and selected desserts.


This was a day of good news and I’m very blessed to have been able to share that day with my favourite people in the world. I won’t ever forget that day! Anyway this is Everything with Fries at Holland V, and the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich. Which my friend in UK is craving really badly and I just had to send her a photo to tease her hehehe.


This pandan cake is home-baked! It’s the tradition to order this for my ahgong’s birthday (: Tastes just like childhood. Also made in two of my favourite colours!


Who can resist chocolates?!?!


If you notice, this photo is a little bigger than the rest. Why not? It’s a photo of delightful liu sha bao (custard buns). It deserves to be bigger. Hello Swee Choon! They’ve expanded so much it’s mad. Sooooo many people, young and old, go there for dimsum at night it’s intense!


Saw this outside NYDC at Holland V. Made ma happy! Christmas in 21 days guys (:


New nasi lemak place at Serene Centre called Co-op. Rather crowded during lunch hour. This set set me back $6 and I don’t think it’s anything much to shout about! The rice was fragrant, the chilli was different from your typical oily sambal (I suspect some lemongrass in there) but that was about it for me.


And to round up, home-cooked dinner by Dad again (: Seafood pasta this time, with tomato sauce made from scratch! He’s sworn off pasta sauce and soon he’s gonna start making his own pasta. Woooohoo!

Okay so that ends my little stories about some exam time food and snacking. The rest will feature in individual blog posts!


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