Artichoke Cafe & Bar @ Sculpture Square

Have been wanting to try Artichoke for the longest time but no one really wants to venture out to have it with me, so was very excited when I was headed there for an event. Pardon the horrid lighting, the place was very dimly lit and I was a bit conscious of snapping photos of my food during such an event hehehe.

The concept here is one that encourages communal dining. Plates on the table that are all for sharing. Something that I enjoy a lot! Don’t you find yourself happier after a communal meal? It’s the magic of giving and sharing what you have!!


A single mezze is $7, a set of four is $25. This was wholesome, awesome possum stuff.


On our table we have arabic bread ($4 per plate), which was served warm and fluffy and perfect for all the dips. Had about 2 servings for every 4 people. Clockwise from the bread: house marinated olives with fennel, garlic, lemon and thyme/ hummus – smashed chickpea with sesame and sumac dip/ labneh – artichoke’s yoghurt cheese with za’atar/ babaganoush – smoked eggplant with pomegranate & lemon.

That was a mouthful. Mezze stands for a selection of small dishes served before more Middle Eastern/ Mediterranean meals. And it was the best part for me. Okay I’m not a huge fan of olives, but the dips were all awesome. You could tell that the ingredients used are top-notch quality, the herbs and oil taste like they’re fresh from the garden. The dips were also all very smooth and flavourful, I really wanna go back for more!


Roasted broccoli, salted anchovy sauce, pickled garlic, chilli ($16).


A beef dish that I cannot find on the online menu – my apologies. If I go back I’ll take note of this! Beef was done medium rare and was very very tough , and wasn’t the most memorable out of all that I’ve tried. Go for something else!


Shish taouk – charcoal grilled 7-spice chicken, Lebanese pickles, toum garlic sauce ($26). Pickles pictured in the background in the following picture. They were INCREDIBLY sour but were quite addictive after a while. Acquired taste maybe?

Chicken was tender and tasty, but portion definitely wasn’t too filling for a sharing portion for 4.


Grilled haloumi cheese with dirty tomato salad ($18). This is a soft, curd-like cheese made of goat’s and sheep’s milk, and is often grilled if I’m not wrong. Salty for some, but very delish!! The sweet, plump tomatoes made for a suitable accompaniment to this too. And cheese can’t really go wrong, yumyum.



Sticky date pudding with coffee jelly, peanut caramel, sea salt and a smoked milk custard ($14). This was a whole myriad of flavours bursting through with every bite and it was a good mix. It kinda overwhelmed the taste of the pudding though, I couldn’t really discern how it tasted like. But overall something that’s good for sharing as well – sweet, crunchy, smooth, bitter, salty, all at the same time!

I’ll be back again to try out more food! This made for a very good introduction to Moorish food and I look forward to having more here. Do make your reservations, they tend to get packed. Look out for the specials on their blackboard, and brunch on weekends (heard some good things about it too!)

Artichoke Cafe & Bar
161 Middle Road
Sculpture Square
Singapore 188978
6336 6949
Brunch: Sat & Sun: open at 1130, last food orders at 245,
doors close at 4
Dinner: Tues – Sat: open at 630, last food orders at 945, doors close at 11
Closed on Mon

4 responses to “Artichoke Cafe & Bar @ Sculpture Square

  1. I really like Artichoke’s food, but it’s really pricey (we get really full though ;)). Try the rosewater panna cotta (if I remember correctly), their desserts are really good too!

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