Keisuke Tori King @ 100 AM

New ramen place in town! I’ve always raved over Keisuke Tonkotsu King and how it’s the bestttt ramen in Singapore. Needless to say, I was super excited to try Keisuke Takada’s third outlet in Singapore, known as Keisuke Tori King. If you didn’t know, Keisuke Takada was crowned Ramen Champion in the Tokyo Ramen Championship 2011. And he totally deserves the title!

So what’s good about this place? I say that this outlet is pretty awesome. It has all the things that I love about Tonkotsu King (apart from the fact that it’s chicken broth), such as the rich broth, the immensely tasty flavoured egg and the cosy environment.


Come expecting a near-perfect bowl of ramen (like the ones at Tonkotsu King) but this time be prepared for the HUGE chicken thigh that sits in the middle of the bowl. I totally was not expecting it but the thigh was delicioussss. The meat just literally fell off the bones and melted in my mouth. Every single part of that thigh. Wow!


Prepare for a lighter broth as well, less rich less oily but still delightful. Personally, the chicken broth taste did not really come through for me, probably because I ordered the Black Spicy with Flavoured Egg ($14.90), which overpowered the already lighter chicken broth. Still good though – almost like black pepper sauce in black pepper crab, but not quite.

There are other options for you to fill out (choices, choices, choices) such as texture of your noodles and amount of oil. I enjoyed this bowl a lot – right temperature, right proportions of everything, enough in my bowl to keep me interested and entertained (you know how you just can’t work through some bowls of ramen?), and the broth being tasty down to the last drop. Sorry for the lack of photos everyone just started wolfing down their ramen I was a few steps too slow.

A friend had the Green Spicy with Flavoured Egg ($14.90). This version has the chef’s own wasabi on the chicken, which subtly flavours the soup. Quite a mild but interesting kick! Just don’t snort or laugh too hard during the meal, because all that wasabi might choke you up and cause you to cry (speaking from my friend’s experience ahaha)

Needless to say, take joy in the fact that you have many things to keep you busy during this meal! Grind your sesame seeds. Peel some hard boiled eggs – oh, normal or low cholesterol? With mayo or no mayo? And while you’re at it, go ahead and grab those beansprouts that are just so addictive. Come early to avoid the queues! But even so, just chill out in the queue and be prepared to pamper your stomach.

What I really love about both his outlets is the WHOLE experience when you dine here! It’s so incredibly sincere and warm, I’m almost dining in a home. This place screams hospitality – please, have more eggs, more beansprouts, some sauce, some mayo, and the bowl of ramen is packed full with ingredients. All things factored in, it’s one of the most reasonably priced ramens around, with the most expensive being $16.90 before service charge.

Okay as you can tell, I am a big fan of this place, but I am honestly filled with respect for people who strive to bring gourmet food to people at affordable prices, and who obviously put a lot of heart into what they feel for. Mr Keisuke Takeda please keep up with your ramen it’s way too good!!

Apologies for this super wordy post with only 2 photos!! BUT GO FOR THIS.

Keisuke Tori King
#03-15 100 AM 100 Tras Street Amara Hotel
Singapore 079027
6604 6861
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily

2 responses to “Keisuke Tori King @ 100 AM

  1. Just wanted to comment on one more post – I tried this last week and I’d say this wins the branch next to Orchid Hotel because the chicken meat is just So Good. You don’t feel super clogged up when you’re done 🙂

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