Strangers’ Reunion @ Outram Park

Friends wanted to meet at Outram, so the natural choice was Strangers’ Reunion. It’s been around for a while, and it got sooo popular they expanded! I never got to visit it before it expanded, but I am digging the new  interior of it now. It is very tastefully decorated, spacious, cooling, clean and very woody! So pleasant to enjoy a cuppa.


And enjoy a cuppa we did! I like the coffee here. The one in the purple cup is Magic ($5.50) which they claim is the perfect ratio of milk to coffee. I raised an eyebrow but tried it anyway and I like it! Don’t you feel like there’s too much milk in a latte sometimes but too little milk in a flat white?? Magic is done just right. And I like the art too, super well done.


Buttermilk waffles with Greek yoghurt and berries ($11). Their waffles are something to shout about!!! They go really well with Greek yoghurt – some people might be put off by this blob of white stuff but trust me it is delicious.

Greek yoghurt is made by blending cream and milk, so it has more milk than normal yoghurt. It is also known as strained yoghurt, which means Greek yoghurt is denser and creamier. Thicker and smoother accompaniments to waffles? I say YES.

The waffles are so good. So crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

Try it for yourself!! I’ll definitely be back to this cafe soon to try out their lunch/ dinner menu, which looks exciting, with the likes of zucchini and corn fritters (so Australian-breakfast inspired), and pork belly and things like that!

6 responses to “Strangers’ Reunion @ Outram Park

    • True.. I was in London for quite a few months and one thing I never had was waffles! But London has a lot of other things to offer!!

  1. I love the interior of this reworked strangers 🙂 and I should try the magic, since it sounds quite attractive the way you put it. I actually prefer Department of Caffeine’s buttermilk waffles over SR’s though.

    • Yes the interior is v comforting and welcoming 🙂 Oh! I shall try out DOC’s waffles soon, just had Creamier’s today!

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