Dozo @ Valley Point

It was a friend’s birthday and we wanted to treat her to something special – so this was it. Dozo has been around for really long and it used to get rave reviews for their value for money sets. The place is a bit dated and run down, but there’s friendly service and good food. I came back the following year with my friend, and the dishes were just as good, but I really wish they’d give this place an update.



Spaghetti sticks as appetisers.


Palate cleansers – citrus granita.


Amuse Bouche


Smoked Salmon


Seared Scallop – I love scallops!


Foie Gras – oh bigger pleaseeee



Soft Shell Crab Tempura & Sweet Potato Tempura – light, crispy batter coating a juicy piece of soft shell crab. Hard to go wrong!


Gratinated Escargots with Yuzu Butter – tasted like an escargot gratin to me.


Mushroom Soup with Truffle – a decent and creamy mushroom soup.



Crab Bisque Cappucino – I’m a huge fan of bisques, because there’s so much depth in flavour. And this one shone with rich seafood tang. And the bubles in it made it fun and foamy to drink.



Kurobuta Pork Cheek with Onion Jam – I thought this was a little tough, and nothing amazing.



THIS – was the star of the show for me, and what made me want to come back again the next year. Beef Tenderloin on “Pu Ye” and Granite Hot Stone. The beef is served on the leaf to prevent overcooking, and I found it added a smoky fragrance to my beef. Serving it on the super hot stone means that you can cook your beef to whatever doneness you want, just remember that your beef cooks as you eat! I really enjoyed it. The beef was good medium rare and medium, very evenly seared on the surface and rich.


That fan like thing is a bundle of spaghetti fried with tempura batter. Crispy stuff that goes with the sauce.




Iced Fruity Refresher – truly refreshing fruity tea with different cubes of fruit.


Strawberry Panna Cotta.


Baked Warm Chocolate Cake in the background, Espresso Creme brulee in foreground. Simple, and the best of the lot was the warm chocolate cake, which was warm and molten.

So overall a pleasing meal with good service and friendly waiters who explained the dishes to us. The next time I went though, service and explanations weren’t as elaborate.

But the beef was still good and I was pleased!

Dozo Restaurant
491 River Valley Road
#02-02/03 Valley Point Shopping Centre
Tel: 6838 6966

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