Woori Nara @ Lorong Kilat

So while it was still the holidays (yes I lag massively), my friends and I played mahjong on the rooftop of my friend’s new place! That was fun. I love the holidays – everyone is back and everyone is carefree.

Headed down to Lorong Kilat for some Korean food after. Strangely I never realised its presence even though it’s been around for a while. Always headed to Kim’s Family Restaurant.


Korean cold noodles ($18). Try the Korean version of soba if you haven’t! It is very deceivingly light but also very refreshing and easy to eat.


Beef bulgogi ($15). Brother’s favourite! He just eats this with a bowl of rice and he’s satisfied.


Crispy chicken ($21). Their crispy chicken has different kinds, think we got the honey and soy one which comes with a thick, sweet sauce. And the chicken just stays impossibly crispy, I love it soaked in the sauce it makes it so tasty!


Kimchi pancake ($15). This was a bit too chewy and sticky for my liking.


Ham and sausage stew ($35). I enjoyed this even if it’s lots of luncheon meat and sau

Woori-Nara Korean Restaurant
19 Lorong Kilat #01-02
Singapore 598120
6464 9282
Open 12-3pm, 5.30pm-12am


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