Dutch Colony Coffee Co @ PasarBella

At the start of the semester, everyone is happy and everyone feels free. We headed out so much after class this year it felt a bit surreal! This was one of those Wednesdays where we just wanted to have something quick near school, and off we were to The Grandstand. It’s really done up quite nicely and is quite a joy to stroll around. Best of all – AMPLE FREE PARKING. Perfect for chilling as long as you want to.


Destination for the day is Dutch Colony Coffee! Lately I’ve been picking up some new tips about coffee-making, which in turn is teaching me about what a good coffee is, so I think I’m slowly becoming more attuned to knowing what a good coffee is. To digress slightly, making coffee is such fun!!!! And there are so many things to consider – how you tamp, how to pull a perfect espresso shot, how to steam milk (gosh I took so long to perfect it sorry for imperfect cups of coffee served!), how to handle the milk, how to pour, and someday I will get down to acquiring the elusive latte art skills. Soon!

Anyway, this was one full-bodied and rich coffee! Aromatic and smooth with a pleasant aftertaste. Latte is $4.50.



We also shared a Windowsills Pie – Banana Almond Brittle ($7.50). Great how they don’t jack up the prices of their outsourced desserts. This is one of my favourite pies from Windowsills – slight flaky crust, almond brittle, banana mousse, salted caramel. So many flavours and textures in this slice!

Go grab a coffee fix from here today, it’s worth it!

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand, #02-K67/K68
Singapore 287994
6467 0255

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