Hello!! This is my 100th post! It’s been fun journalling about the food that I’ve been eating; it’s such a good way of sharing thoughts on delicious food with people, especially some of my favourite foods in Singapore and it’s also a wonderful way of recalling and recording the fun times with loved ones.

Food is really more than just filling the stomach for me. It’s a whole experience – reading up about new places, looking at the menus, raving and being excited to go, finally getting there and trying the food, thinking about it when I’m done… and not to mention the PEOPLE that I’m with!

I am very blessed to be able to love and be loved, and I LOVE enjoying food with people that I cherish.Ā I love bringing people whom I love to eat all the foods I love or think that they’ll love too, and it’s really priceless when you watch them enjoy their food. Food really makes a big difference in my family – if we’re having a good meal, the conversation around the table is happier and more positive HAHA. Food is also very special because I always associate the food I eat with certain memories of time together with someone, be it the conversations we had, how we felt that day, the other things that happened, and it helps me to remember. Remembering is important šŸ™‚

So today I present you with a very picture-heavy post of some events that transpired during the summer right after I came back. It’s mostly everyday happenings, which often doesn’t end up in a post of it’s own, but it’s still special in its own right!

Apologies in advance – there are more personal anecdotes than description of food in this one, so feel free to skip it šŸ™‚

2013-07-22 18.03.02

MY FAVOURITE JB CHILDHOOD WANTON MEE. Visited grandparents and they bought this just for me :’). Reunited!!!!

2013-07-24 20.39.10

Chomp chomp’s hokkien mee with the bf and our common friend! More hawker food and loving every mouthful of it.

2013-07-24 21.23.12

For dessert we had durian mousse with durian. And there was lots of happy conversation that night – catching up after months of being in different continents.

2013-07-29 17.03.33

Ah gong buying durians!!!!! šŸ™‚ He bought 35 kg worth of durians – we stood there selecting and talking, and watching them open all the durians and carefully package the flesh for us. Durian is a big thing with my family. No holds barred, just get your fingers all messy eating durian and no one will judge you for it.

2013-07-31 09.35.17

Wanton mee at the coffee shop near the bf’s house! I’ve grown accustomed to eating this and eating it will always always always remind me of my bf heehee

2013-08-01 20.11.44

After playing mahjong LOL and we had a quick, rushed Chinese dinner at Paradise Inn. Not my favourite rendition, but still a decent version of the red bean and egg white souffle! EGGS ARE AMAZING.

2013-08-02 17.33.56

Baking with all my talented friends!!! This is our pretty rainbow cheesecake, which was officially the most photographed bake of the day.

2013-08-02 20.19.23

Dad started having this craze about Indian food, and he soon perfected his version of butter chicken. Best part of it? No need to worry about not having enough, there is always a copious amount of chicken and that creamy sauce for the whole family!

2013-08-04 09.25.01

Another dish that has become a part of me after being with the bf hahahaha. Prawn mee at the market near his place. The queue is always very long and I must say Singaporeans really know what they are queueing for. This is so good!!! The prawn mee soup is amazingly tasty and non-MSG-ish. The noodles are well done, generous with ingredients and it has tasty chilli too. I WANT IT.

2013-08-15 20.01.12

This is the only ramen that my bf will eat!! We started eating ramen (and fell in love with ramen) at Tonkotsu King, and years on (okay not that many years), we are still eating at his outlets!

2013-08-15 20.01.16

Just because it is Tsujiri. Have you tried it??? Best matcha soft serve in Singapore I promise.

2013-08-22 23.47.13

Random day where I got flowers!! Yes, okay, flowers are a waste of money but they really are a nice gesture sometimes. (Excuses, excuses). This was also the day where we ate at the place we celebrated our first Valentine’s Day. Oh the memories šŸ™‚ We also made our own Magnum! Was about to say cheap thrill but it was a rather expensive thrill.

2013-08-24 17.57.13

Zichar with bf’s mum. Simple local fare always hits the spot.

2013-08-27 20.38.39

More home-cooked feasts! Indian food on the left, and Indonesian on the right. As a kid I hardly appreciated dinners at home, but definitely loving home-cooked more and more as I grow up. What’s not to love about the good food I get at home??

2013-09-02 15.27.16

Cooking brunch with my friends! Where we did not want to pay for brunch outside and got down to doing it ourselves. Delicious, successful and a lot more worth it I must say. Another thing if you didn’t already know, eggs are amazing.

2013-09-02 21.50.07

MORE DURIAN! There was this period where my dad KEPT buying durian and the house smelt of durian everyday. Not that I was complaining.

2013-09-04 13.29.04

Muffinry muffins from the bf’s mum because they don’t like sweet things! Still good since the first time I tried them. I’m a fan of the green eggs and ham one – I am quirky yes I am.

2013-09-04 15.36.53

Qi ji popiah, which is one of the nicest popiahs I’ve tried also. Day out with the bf again yay and we were just hungry in the middle of the day!

2013-09-04 23.49.20

Then came mooncake time. Best lotus paste mooncakes we had this year. Decision not influenced by how pretty and gorgeous and MINT this box is.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 11.52.36 PM

Happy happy anniversary! I had night class, so bf went home and came back out again to join me for supper! WAS VERY TOUCHED cos I know how tiring it was and how exhausted he probably was. We had Swee Choon, and I was upset that the standards had dropped, but it’s okay, the company matters most. Went home all sweaty but very happy from a day of celebrations šŸ™‚

2013-09-10 17.19.50

Baking chocolate chip cookies with baby brother! It’s like a must-do every holiday for him. We bake nearly 80 cookies and he protects them from the other cookie monsters in the house. He is also quite a good baker šŸ™‚ He wanted to test whether shaping the cookies would make them turn out differently. Verdict – YES THEY DO!

2013-09-10 21.04.18

Classic in our household – Raffles Hotel Champagne Truffle Snowskin Mooncakes!!! Delicious little morsels, these snowskin mooncakes. Perfectly done snowskin, smooth lotus paste and a carefully constructed champagne truffle surprise in the middle.

2013-09-13 20.22.03

Huge stew that I shared with bf when we met up with his cousins! That was a night of a lot of laughter and fun as well šŸ™‚

2013-09-15 18.39.48

Japanese buffet with my grandma and my family – sort of like a byebye treat for my brother.

2013-09-16 14.28.44-1

Sent the bf photos of the sashimi that made him wanna eat Jap, so we decided to head down to Sushi Bar to find out why it was such a big deal. And YES it was a big deal for not so big a price. And we had a very enjoyable lunch, where the sashimi for this lunch made the buffet’s sashimi look very bad.

2013-09-19 13.36.04

And… rounding off with the very very last lunch I had with the bf and his family before he flew off! Bak Kut Teh at Balestier Road, with some of the tastiest Chinese tea I’ve ever had in tiny tea cups.

THAT’S ALL FOR NOW, will be back again soon šŸ™‚ Still eating A LOT even though I’ve so much work to do.

Happy week ahead! šŸ™‚


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