Nam Nam Noodle Bar @ Wheelock Place – Quick Stop for Pho

I have declared this semester as the semester of repetitions. Not that repeating is a bad thing. I’m a little obsessive sometimes, and for some places, one time just isn’t enough.

My parents aren’t huge fans of this place and I suspect it’s because they don’t fancy brushing against their neighbour’s elbows, squeezing themselves between stools and being within earshot of many concurrent conversations. So yes, it’s one of those casual eateries with stools and tables close to each other. You slurp up all your pho, you down your drink and you go.

My friends and I came here quite a few times over the semester for lunch. What’s not to love with their lunch set? At $9.90 you get a bowl of pho, 2 spring rolls and iced coffee/ iced lotus tea (get the coffee it’s soooo thick and tasty). It’s at a super accessible location, and there’s an added convenience of being easy to pay for – one $10 note each please!

2013-09-13 12.09.46-1


THE PHO! I always have the beef one and the last time I went, there was less beef than usual and the portion seemed smaller. But the first couple of times were commendable and I thoroughly enjoyed it. They say that the soup has no MSG and I hope that’s true because I tend to slurp up all that broth.

When the bowl arrives on your table, the beef slices are pink, which means that whenever you choose to eat your beef, it’s always going to be tender and not overcooked.

I also personally like how there’s lots of onions and spring onions. Actual flavours and textures in my meal are always welcome. My friend picks out all the onions though LOL I admire him for his patience.

2013-09-13 12.08.33

Spring rolls! Vietnamese spring rolls spell healthy… but I usually have it with all that accompanying sweet peanut sauce, so I’m not too sure about its health benefits. Delish anyway.

I am a huge fan of deals (heeheheheehe) and I love having lunch here because I always feel like I’m getting a good deal! Queues form quite early nowadays though, so be prepared to queue!

NamNam Noodle Bar
501 Orchard Road #B2-02
Wheelock Place
6735 1488
Open daily from 8am – 9.30pm

Two other outlets at Raffles City and Suntec City.

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