Merely Ice Cream @ Sunshine Plaza – Ice-cream with the Strongest Flavours!

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Everyone loves ice cream. And I love ice cream packed with flavour, be it the well done good ol’ classics, or new innovative flavours.

2013-10-08 19.10.02

Friends and I had a waffle bowl with Gula Melaka Pandan Chiffon, Red Velvet and Earl Grey buried at the bottom. Very, very reasonably priced – a triple scoop is $7.90 (additional $0.50 for alcoholic flavours) and the waffle bowl is $0.50. $0.50!!! Just get it, it’s worth it with its buttery and crunchy flavour.

Everything in this bowl was GOOD. I LOVED the gula melaka pandan one. I am biased towards gula melaka for its very distinct flavour, and there were bits of pandan chiffon cake inside this! HOW! AMAZING! We were amazed at how the bits remained dry and non-soggy. Very tasty, very light texture! Red velvet was also surprisingly good, a light cream cheese base with red velvet cake. Not too cloying, slightly salty, slightly cheesey. I rather this than the real red velvet cake. Earl grey was also packed with earl grey flavour with a creamy texture.

2013-10-08 19.42.43

We then headed off to Victor’s Kitchen for tea time (yes, not even lunch or dinner, but tea) and decided that since we travelled all the way to Sunshine Plaza, why not have another bowl of ice-cream??? This time we went a little easy on our stomachs by… not getting the waffle bowl.

We had milk tea, coconut and salted butterscotch. The staff said salted butterscotch is their bestseller and no surprises why they are so proud of it, because so much goes into it. There’s browned butter, brown sugar, sea salt, digestive biscuit pie crust (check out their website)… and it all comes together for something rather balanced. But salty, as the name suggests.

Milk tea had the most intense milk tea flavour I’ve ever tasted in ice-cream. And really reminded me of milk tea too with its icier texture. Sooo refreshing. Coconut is good too, with bits and pieces of coconuts inside. I think I’m in Thailand already.

2013-11-06 19.14.23

… And then we went back another time. We had Pop and Chips, Nutty Beer and Milo Fudge.

Pop and Chips is really special! There was a sour cream and onion flavour in the icecream, which you’d think is from the chip bits in the ice cream, but they have you fooled. Those bits are popcorn! Very fun flavour to eat. Nutty Beer isn’t my thing, but it’s a beer flavour which does not stinge on alcohol. Milo Fudge was truly fudgy, slightly chewier and surprising you with little milo balls. Yay to local delights!

2013-11-06 19.14.54

Second round – Zesty Lemon, Root Beer Float and Banana Walnut.

My favourite was the Banana Walnut. The fragrance and taste of bananas really SHONE THROUGH. Super love people who are passionate about their food, and I applaud Merely’s efforts to slowly roast their bananas to get all the flavour out. And the roasted walnuts. WHERE DO I EVEN START. There’s something about the nutty, honeyed aroma that gets me every time. Recommend! Zesty Lemon and Root Beer float are more icy and lighter, as expected.

2013-12-16 22.35.18

YES another time. Walked my friend all the way here just to have ice-cream before we headed home. Had the Salted Butterscotch, Chocolate Stout and (apologies I cannot remember!!). I have concluded that Merely does not cut corners, and they use their stout freely in this too. Intense Varlhona chocolate flavour, with that stout dimension to it.

Have ice cream at Merely! The flavours won’t disappoint you. They are also big believers of au naturale, so you will notice that your ice cream tends to melt faster, but that’s because they don’t have stabilisers in their stuff. YUM!

Merely Ice Cream
Sunshine Plaza
91 Bencoolen Street
Singapore 189652
+65 62380890
Open Mon-Sat, 12pm-11pm

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